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WelcomeToRome, a show to immerse yourself in the history of Rome

A multimedia journey back through time and space to tell millennia of history. This and so much more is WelcomeToRome, the interactive show that from March 15th to June 30th will be set up in the spaces of the Augustus Cinema. A 3D welcome, an informed hospitality addressed to all those curious tourists who are interested in understanding the historical evolution of the Eternal City and some of the fundamental stages of its transformation.

The performances are programmed to follow one another continuously. Audio guides are available in eight different languages ​​so that visitors from all over the world can come and enjoy these projections designed to discover the geological formation, the legendary but ever present Seven Hills, the settlement on the Palatine Hill where the river Tiber flows. Immersed in past ages, witness the expansion of the Roman Empire, the darkness of theMiddle Ages, the patronage of thePopes that will make Rome shine, the artistic rivalry of great geniuses like Bernini and Borromini. A brief but precise interactive index to set the stages of a transformation that has led the City of the Wolf to multiple evolutions. A concept map that aims to offer conscious travelers a guide to follow while walking among the inexhaustible beauties of a surprising city full of art, history and culture.

The WelcomeToRome project was conceived by Paco Lanciano, physicist and scientific divulger, in the frame of the restored Augustus Cinema. Adismissed and abandoned building, the former movie theater comes back to life, acting as a great time machine to give the illusion of being where one is not, among ancient columns and sacred temples. Just under half an hour to run through the folds of time, surrounded by walls and ceilings that come alive with a large model underneath to show the evolution of Rome.

And if the multi-projections are not enough, a series of engaging interactive models will tell you about masterpieces that symbolise the Eternal City. The Imperial and Augusto Forums, Castel Sant’Angelo and St. Peter’s Basilica will come alive through virtual reality, giving a greater stimulus to the imagination of visitors by bringing to life wonders of a remote past that is impossible to forget. Because that past, for years, centuries and millennia, is what has made Rome a mass of wonders and surprises. An open-air museum.

WelcomeToRome – ex Augustus Cinema, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 203, Rome. For info visit the website show.

Credit: image from the official website of the event.


Valentina Cuppone

Classe 1982, dopo una laurea in Lettere Moderne si è specializzata in Comunicazione della cultura e dello spettacolo con una tesi sull’ibridazione dei linguaggi e sull’intermedialità nello spettacolo MDLSX di Motus, un assolo di Silvia Calderoni, ispirato al premio Pulitzer 2013 Middlesex di Jeffrey Eugenides, sulla costruzione dell’identità. Ha lavorato come supporto al segretario di redazione del “Giornale di Sicilia” scrivendo articoli per il ciclo “Eccellenze di Sicilia”, mirando a valorizzare ciò che di bello e positivo offre e si può costruire nella sua isola. Per coniugare i suoi interessi umanistici con i linguaggi e l’innovazione digitale, ha collaborazione con il quotidiano online


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