Vera Risi
2 minutes

Virtuosity, soft seductions and psychedelics

There are at least two artistic certainties that belong to Rome: architecture and opera. A union that is evident in the church of St Paul’s Within the Walls, when the opera is on stage under the Romanesque Neo-Gothic arches in travertine and Sienese red bricks that characterize the church. It was the first Anglican cult site built in Rome after the Unification of Italy, and boasts the only pre-Raphaelite decorative cycle of the Italian territory, with polychrome windows and mosaics created by the most refined exponents of that nineteenth-century English art that was a prelude to the liberty style of the early twentieth century. 

This is where the Orchestra de I Virtuosi of the Opera di Roma will be performing each Tuesday of February, starting on Tuesday 12th of February. The featured opera is La Traviata, one of Verdi’s most popular pieces, with costumes and scenography that enhance its charm. An unmissable immersion in the enveloping decorative balance of the church accompanied by the virtuosity of Italian bel canto

On the same date that La Traviata inaugurates, February 12th, Casa del Jazz will be hosting a jazz performance by trombonist Robin Eubanks together with the Arcadia Trio. We are talking about one of the greatest contemporary jazz trombonists, the first of his generation, a talent that blossomed both as a sideman, alongside artists like Dave Holland and Elvin Jones, and as a soloist, capable creating vibrant sounds and ignite emotional sparks. This time he is on stage with the Arcadia Trio, a young group led by saxophonist Leonardo Radicchi. A musical project that packs its sound with political significance, exploring themes such as immigration and wars. To show that, just like the highest poetry, jazz can be a catalyst for profound thought. 

Finally, a tip for those who love venturing outside of their comfort zone, into unknown atmospheres and sounds. This venue has been open for only three months, in the heart of Pigneto, and has already become a cult spot for those looking for alternative routes. We’re talking about the Klang, a dark-colored room with a northern European vibe that aims to unhinge old musical club schemes by offering innovative experiences. For instance, Sudoku Killer, a concert by composer Caterina Palazzi that is scheduled for Saturday, February 16th. To give you an idea: imagine the worst villains of Disney cartoons interpreted in a darkly psychedelic key by a double bass, accompanied by percussions, a tenor sax and a guitar. An experimental sound with an eager soul, which oscillates between sharp acidity and seductive softness. 

Tuesday, February 12

La Traviata – Church of San Paolo inside the walls, via Napoli 58, Rome. Tel. 064826296 

Robin Eubanks and Arcadia Trio – La Casa del Jazz, Viale di Porta Ardeatina 55, Rome Tel. 06 80241281 

Saturday 16 February

Sudoku Killer – Klang, via Stefano Colonna 9, Rome. Tel. 06 43689987.


Vera Risi

La laurea in Scienze Politiche con 110 e lode le apre le porte per un Master in Marketing del terziario avanzato presso Unioncamere. Intanto scrive di musica, arte, tendenze e fermenti culturali sulle più prestigiose testate nazionali: D di Repubblica, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Fit For Fun, Kult, Il Fatto Quotidiano, l'Unità, e la rivista internazionale Time Out. Diventa poi direttore esecutivo del web magazine Bazar, co-edito da La Stampa e Rai Eri. Per l'Università Lumsa è cultore della materia in Strumenti e Strategia della Comunicazione d'Impresa e responsabile dello Student Placement per il Master in Marketing e Organizzazione degli Eventi. Docente a contratto per la cattedra di Teorie e Tecniche del linguaggio giornalistico presso la Luiss, scrive tre saggi sulla comunicazione (Audino Editore e da Rai Eri). E' autrice di un romanzo arrivato finalista al premio letterario Città di Assisi 2013 mentre, per amore dell'arte e della natura, diventa guida turistica e costruisce percorsi inconsueti dei boschi del Lazio e trekking all'insegna dell'esplorazione e dello storytelling.


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