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The magic of Japan at Rome’s Drink Kong

Imagine a place with an atmosphere that recalls the smoky alleys of an oriental metropolis where sudden bursts of neon light are mixed with the minimalist rigor of the essential. Think of a large labyrinthine space, over 300 square meters, which revolves around a central bar, amongst elements that come from a world that recalls Blade Runner, with its dark atmospheres, soft lighting and velvet armchairs. A unique scenario in the world of Roman clubbing, one of those places where different eras can overlap, thus creating an engaging atmosphere from multiple points of view.

We are talking about Drink Kong, located in the heart of Monti, the neighborhood that never sleeps, loved by people of all ages for the many things it offers from boutiques to restaurants and outside spaces where to sit and relax in the open. Drink Kong is the right place to spend a pleasant evening until late at night with quality, elegance and pleasant music. The East, with the minimal and rigorous aesthetics of Japan, is coupled with the warmest and most chaotic elements of 1980s New York and present day London, with its incomparable charge of innovation and hospitality. At the helm, behind the counter, you will find Patrick Pistolesi, one of the best international bartenders, and with him his team.

Not to be missed, the Japanese Room and the experience you can live in there. The project is called “Ukiyo”, literally “the floating world”, a term that the Japanese use to remember that in some moments it is fundamental to live detached from the practical complications of life. The room, inspired by the “hidden bars” of Tokyo, is entirely built in cherry wood with great Japanese warriors on the wall and hosts a great novelty for the most demanding customers: a series of safes where anyone can lock away their favourite gin and come back whenever, just like you would do at home.

Drink Kong is the magic of a desire that has been realized, an “instinctive” place, as Pistolesi defines it, and it is enough to read the drinks menu to understand it. Only the base alcohol is referenced, not the other ingredients in their drinks. A suggestion of flavor profiles and smells will be told to encourage guests to rely on their instincts when choosing what they will drink, using only their imagination without being influenced by known recipes.

Drink Kong will bewitch you, carrying you on a journey that is a real adventure, a kaleidoscope of flavors and sounds that is truly unique.

Drink Kong, Piazza San Martino ai Monti 8, Rome. Tel. +39 0623488666.



Giuseppe Fantasia

Laureato in Giurisprudenza, è giornalista dal 2007, prima in tv (Sky) e adesso sul cartaceo (Il Foglio) e l'online (HuffPost Italia e Marie Claire). Si occupa di libri, arte e spettacolo. Vive a Roma ed è facile incontrarlo nelle cene e feste più glam, ma se siete dei veri nottambuli, ogni venerdì notte lo trovate su Rai Uno, ospite fisso della trasmissione "MilleeunLibro- Scrittori in tv": "Portatemi ad una bella festa e ve ne sarò grato, ma anche ad un festival del cinema o letterario, ad una mostra, fatemi incontrare un personaggio interessante e mai banale. Poi non preoccupatevi, sarò io a raccontarvi il tutto a mio modo, sperando di incuriosirvi ed entusiasmarvi come mi succede ogni volta. Basta solo mettervi comodi ed iniziare a leggere".


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