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Romics 2019: between science fiction, fantasy and superheroes

From April 4th to April 7th. Four intense days to immerse yourself in futuristic worlds, in the company of superheroes and extraordinary characters. Where is it? At the Fiera di Roma. The occasion? The 25th edition of Romics, International festival of comics, animation, cinema and games. An event that the Italian capital hosts twice a year and which attracts thousands of visitors. An opportunity to get to know the techniques, the stories and the successes of great authors of the ninth art and to see up close the dystopian scenarios of a future that, after all, isn’t that far.

2019 is somehow a symbolic year. It is the year that the more-human-than-humans replicants are created in a Los Angeles suffocated by pollution in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. It is the fiftieth anniversary of the ambitious landing on the moon. It is the eightieth birthday of Batman, the most famous hyper-technological dark knight in the world. An era, ours, that has made technology an undisputed star, turning the wildest of our imaginations into reality. As Sabrina Perucca, artistic director of the event declares, Romics 2019 will be “a single great show to take us into the depths of fantasy and the possibilities of our near future”.

Gold Romics will be given to great international masters of comics and illustration, cinema and animation, as a tribute to their career, which will be told on the Festival stage. From the special guest star Reki Kawahara, Japanese writer of light novels and manga, to Alessandro Bilotta, story editor, character creator and script writer, author of famous stories including those of the mysterious and fascinating detective Dylan Dog. From sci-fi visions in George Hull’s Matrix:Reloaded with his spaceships, robots and landscapes of the future, to Ryan Ottley, one of the most important designers of contemporary American comics. Another Gold Romics will be given to Willem Dafoe, an eclectic character of world cinema close to the world of Romics for his work in Spider-man and Aquaman.

Born March 30th, 1939, Batman will be the great protagonist of this year. The first step of the celebrations for his 80th birthday will be the Romics. At the Movie Village, a pavilion dedicated to cinema, an exhibition will be set up with shreds of the life of the superhero, portrayals made by different Italian and international artists that tell the story of the Dark Knight. Installations, broadcast contents and any other sort of initiative to pay tribute to the batman and his adventures.

There will be many initiatives that will enrich the proposal of the Roman Comic Fair. From the tribute to Cesare Zavattini, author in 1936 of the first Italian science fiction comic, to reflections on the future and its plots, from meetings with cult writers to exhibitions and immersive video games, Romics will make us discover fantasies and futuristic scenarios. Among superheroes, androids, robots and flying machines, we will find ourselves in front of an imagery that is at times alienating, perhaps because this imagined future might not be so surreal afterall.

For further information check the official website the event and the complete program.

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Valentina Cuppone

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