Ines Musumeci Greco
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ROMAMOR at Villa Medici: between disaster literature and surreal experiments

The French Academy in Villa Medici is hosting ROMAMOR, the first monographic exhibition by Anne and Patrick Poirier in Italy. The couple returns after travelling in Asia and the United States. In the early 1960’s, they spent a lot of time in the Villa invited by Balthus, and it was exactly in this period that the two met. Following this residency, they decided to continue as a duo and with time created their own personal language: travelling through different civilizations, religions, and cultures. Their artistic approach is similar to that of an archaeologist who is very attentive to man and his fragilities. When visiting a Poirier exhibition, we find ourselves in front of a single story: ROMAMOR, an experience which pulls at your heart strings and makes them vibrate with its impetuosity.

We are talking about a powerful form of creativity, which makes us see things half way between melancholic and detachment. The Poirier’s showcase a “disaster literature” that is completely uncensored. As children of war, their study is characterized by topics which are closely related to destruction, pain, violence, and horrors. “Let’s pass from darkness to light – they say – alternatively, from black to white, from order to chaos, form ruin to utopian construction, from the past to the future, and from introspection to projection. Our dual identity of architects-archaeologists is what allows us to wander between universes in search of hidden connections even when they appear so distant from one another”. 

All this opens up to a precise vision which, materializing, brings back to life something previously experimental. Experiments and surreal juxtapositions, presented in an intimate manner: carnal, sensual, material. ROMAMOR presents La Palissade/Scavi in corso where upon arrival the visitor is brought to the Villa’s water tank as to “reopen” a vision of ruins: Finis Terrae illuminated by Un mode qui se fait sauter lui-même ne permet plus qu’on lui fasse le portrait, a work from 2001. A magical sensation with Le mode à l’envers. The exhibition also has historical works, such as L’incendie de la grande bibliothèque (1976): using carbon as a metaphor for the architectural rebuilding of memory. ROMAMOR is a well-rounded exhibition and in its portrayal of love, opens up a dreamlike realm. 

Other worlds, other geographical realities open up in the Villa Medici exhibition spaces with a strong energy. An exhibition not to be missed. 


French Academy – Villa Medici

Artists: Anne and Patrick Poirier


Ines Musumeci Greco

Collezionista d’arte contemporanea, mecenate, ma soprattutto visionaria. Una donna che, in vent’anni, ha saputo trasformare la sua casa nel più importante salotto d’artista italiano. Con la passione e la determinazione che solo chi ha una missione nella vita riesce a perseguire, Ines definisce il suo progetto e il suo coinvolgimento come una lunga, continua gestazione: “Ho cercato la bellezza sempre e con forza, e ho dedicato la mia vita nel sostenere il lavoro degli artisti, perché è quando le loro opere vengono al mondo e nel mondo navigano che prende corpo quella vitalità che rende potente la vita”. Nella sua home gallery, dentro il seicentesco Palazzo Bennicelli del Borromini, si possono ammirare le opere di artisti del calibro di Marina Abramovic, Mario Schifano, Alighiero Boetti, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Chen Zhen, e altri.


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