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Roma Social Dinner at the former Pastificio Cerere with Veronica Paolillo

It looks like an apartment but it is not. It’s neither a restaurant nor a simple loft with a kitchen. Inblackstudio by chef Veronica Paolillo is much more. Starting from the location inside the former Pastificio Cerere in San Lorenzo, a gentrified neighborhood, where many artists who live and work here – such as Pizzi Cannella or Giuseppe Gallo – have their studios. No logos or directions, you have to go up with a freight elevator to the third floor and you are on the gallery with Veronica, not even forty years old, a past as a stylist behind her “I worked with MTV and La7 for almost ten years but then I realized that my destiny was in the kitchen”. She lives here, in the house made out of an industrial space where nothing is left to chance, with lots of high ceilings and sliding bookcases on wheels, and it is here that she organizes special dinners and cooking classes.

“I ended up cooking for passion” reveals the eclectic chef, “I studied at the Liceo Mamiani in Rome, then I attended the Accademia di Costume & Moda [Rome’s Fashion Academy] but at a certain point I decided to attend Gambero Rosso’s professional culinary courses, I wanted to open a place of my own with a special format”. The idea that the young chef hadin mind is the one she realizes shortly after, in 2010 in Via Urbana in Monti: it’s called Tricolore and it’s a small place where she prepares gourmet sandwiches that immediately conquer the gourmet tribe of the Capital. But she is not yet fully satisfied.

After a few years she flees to a restaurant in Tuscany – the Dopolavoro La Foce between Chianciano and Montepulciano – but in the meantime she continues to work on the Inblackstudio project. She meets Katie Gallego, a talented chef originally from Seattle who soon becomes her wife, they move to Rome and start their adventure in the San Lorenzo district. Today, participating in one of their social dinners – the next will be on April 18th and May 23rd – in collaboration with Taleaevents.it represents a special experience: thirty-four people at most, themed menus and the pleasure of conversing perhaps in English with other unknown guests, sweeping the capital off its feet for just one evening. Platters that are beautiful to look at and good to eat, an atmosphere that seems to be transported from an international metropolis such as New York or Shanghai. Seeing is believing.

“One of the great privileges for me – Veronica adds – was meeting masters like Igles Corelli or Bartolomeo Errico, as well as Franco Palermo, the baker who gave me the true art of flour, here I also organize cooking classes to learn how to pull dough or make bread “.

Her secret dinners are also very coveted, especially in summer, organized in unique places: they can be booked with a simple message but the outdoor location, different every time, remains secret until a few hours before dinner. Just like a rave party or a speakeasy at the time of prohibition. Fun and super dishes are guaranteed.

Inblackstudio, Pastificio Cerere Via degli Ausoni 7. Chef Veronica Paolillo tel. 324.6220596 – info@taleaevents.it



Loredana Tartaglia


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