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Plan your holiday: Apartment Vs Hotel

The drop of virus cases, the loosening of COVID-19-related restrictions and the arrival of fine weather have given green light to tourism. Tourists want to return to normality and Italy is once again one their favorite destinations. The most sought-after?  The so-called “art cities” which offer a variety of different activities to be carried out in a few days,  “the very best” of Italy: culture, history, great food and entertainment.

What is the best way to plan a holiday in the post-COVID-19 era?

Destination aside, a fact emerged clearly from the pandemic which has affected the world over the last few years: travelers pay ever more attention to their safety but are willing to enjoy comfort and convenience.

This is why the “holiday in apartment” trend is gaining ever more ground compared to the classic Hotel accommodation.

In the past renting an apartment in a holiday destination was considered an affordable option picked by those who could do without the comfort of the hotel services. Today this is no longer the case. Nowadays many are the reasons which lead tourists to choose a holiday apartment.

The Grand House can be considered a forerunner in this field. In fact, even at a time when nobody would have imagined the outbreak of COVID-19, TGH has always offered innovative solutions: accommodations in refined apartments providing all the services usually offered by luxury hotels.

Here is a list of all the pros of renting a residence, a house or a villa for a modern holiday!


#1  Space and Safety. Did you know that the Italian term “vacanza” – holiday in   English – comes from Latin? It literally means “being free”. In a house you have more chance to  move freely: more space, no social distancing, no gatherings, no need to have your meals at a restaurant, therefore there are less chances to be exposed to the virus.

#2 Flexibility. It has always been the trump card of the holiday apartments. A 24/7 service offers the opportunity to check-in at a prearranged time in order to avoid the standard check-in time of the hotels.

#3 Exclusive and customized services. Many structures specialized in the accommodation in luxury residences offer countless tailor-made activities to fulfill the customer’s needs and requests. It is not just a simple concierce service, the offer includes special guided tours in exclusive sites, in ancient private palaces, in secret gardens, tours by night in churches, museums or theaters and much more.

#4 Comfort for families. Families with children will enjoy a more comfortable stay thanks to the availability of a kitchen, a room for the nanny or the baby sitting service (upon request).

#5. Home away from Home. The idea of being at home when on holiday might be reassuring, but when it comes to holiday apartments, many are the options which fully reflect the personality of the landlord or the spirit of the city you are spending your holiday in. Therefore, renting a holiday apartment gives you the opportunity to experience the locals’ lifestyle: an interesting and pleasant way to enjoy your trip.

#6 Perfect for the most demanding customers. If you think that a suite is not large enough, the most interesting alternative is renting a luxury residence or villa – featuring a pool, a garden and a tennis court – located in the most renowned Italian destinations and in the most exclusive areas.

In short, we can say that the current holiday houses have acquired all the best features of hotels offering an experience which is more in line with the modern travelers!






Gabriella Pergamo


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