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Nature, history, science and science fiction for children

Between tulips and extinct dinosaurs, nature takes its course and knowing it also means learning to respect it. As well as discovering our body and its functioning. And you can start as a child, playing and having fun. So spring in Rome brings with it many opportunities to learn with a smile. Until April 7th, every day from 4pm to 8pm, at the Cinecittàdue shopping center in Viale Palmiro TogliattiDiscovering the human body awaits us, an engaging educational itinerary with exhibits, games and interactive animations to make our acquaintance with our body fun, as well as instructive, even for the little ones. Open to the public and free, it is sponsored by the Rome’s municipal authority.

Discovering the human body, every day until April 7th from 4pm to 8pm at the Cinecittàdue shopping center, via Palmiro Togliatti, Rome. For more information, refer to the dedicated page on the Cinecittàdue website.

At the WWF Oasis of Macchiagrande in Fregene, Dinosauri in Carne ed Ossa returns, a fascinating experience for families to learn about the asteroid that caused the disappearance of the Mesozoic dinosaurs and the often negative impact that man has on nature. A small group of survivors of the great extinctions gave birth to different species of animals that dominated the Earth alternating and diversifying. The exhibition tells us their life from the time of the great extinction to the present day.

Open to families with children and anybody who might be interested, the event discusses the mechanisms that caused the adaptation or disappearance of some animal species. An opportunity to experiment with the responsible behaviors that humans should adopt to prevent a new era of climate disasters.

Dinosauri in Carne ed Ossa, from March 22nd November 10th. WWF Oasis of Macchiagrande, Fregene (Rome). For more information, costs and bookings visit the website.

Rome Flowers Park opens for the first time, the park inspired by the famous Dutch Keukenhof Gardens and will house over a million tulips and where you can spend a different day with friends and families. It is a place full of flowers, scents and colors where it will also be possible to relax in two vast dining and picnic areas. Visitors can stop and have lunch under the shade of a vineyard or an olive grove, tasting traditional Italian dishes, including those coming directly from the earthquake-stricken areas of Amatrice.

For the little ones, an area has also been dedicated to games and entertainment, to make the experience even more fun and create a place to socialize with other children. In addition to the wide hill in the park, where they will be free to run and have fun while their parents relax surrounded by nature, there will also be an area for training, in which experts will be at their disposal to explain the techniques and the way to plant flower bulbs and their seasonality.

Roma Flowers Park, via Castel di Leva, 358, Rome. For more information, costs and reservations, visit the website.

 A dive between princesses and superheroes to give space to the imagination. Reopens at Castello di Lunghezza, the Fantastic World of the Fantastic  a theme park dedicated to the wonderful world of imagination, set in an ancient and royal castle and its surrounding park as the scenario of the action. A lot of news and new emotions, from the Cinderella Carriage to the Batman Cave, from the encounter with the Alien to the New Battle of the Superheroes.

Il Fantastico Mondo del Fantastico, open every Sunday and on holidays (in April also at Easter, Easter Monday and Liberation Day) from 10am to 7pm. You can enter at any time until 4.30pm. For more information click here.



Francesca Mazzotta

Con una Laurea in Scienze Politiche, un Master in Business Administration e una carriera in ambito Finance e Insurance, Francesca Mazzotta ha una doppia vita. Fanatica di giochi da tavolo (il marito è autore di boardgame e cardgame, che testano assieme ai molti amici gamer), giochi di ruolo, videogiochi, libri per bambini, fumetti, film e cartoni animati, serie TV e più in generale tutto quello che riguarda la cosiddetta cultura POP, dopo il lavoro e le due figlie, le notti sono dedicate ai suoi mondi fantastici, persa in avventure terribili e meravigliose in luoghi lontani nel tempo e nello spazio. Dopo aver gestito per anni l'organizzazione della ludoteca GiocaRoma, ha scritto per e E’ fermamente convinta che il segreto di una vita felice stia nella capacità di conciliare il proprio percorso di crescita personale con la cura e la costante attenzione all'ascolto del proprio bambino interiore.


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