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Little ones discovering nature and enchanting fables

Natura in tutti i sensi (lit. Nature in every sense) inaugurated on February 22nd at Palazzo delle Esposizioni. The workshop exhibition is produced in collaboration with Topipittori and is open from Tuesday to Sunday, until July 14th 2019. Exotic plants, trees, gardens, groves and fruits are all observed from a plurality of points of view: a multisensory approach ranging from science and history to art.

Artworks, sketches, notebooks and drawings to discover what is hidden inside the pages of a book. Immerse yourself in nature by smelling, touching and listening to the objects around you, explore tactile tables and awaken all your senses in moments of experimentation that will require you to go beyond eyesight. Thanks to the collaboration between Dr. Enza Crivelli of Uovonero Edizioni and the non-profit National Federation of Pro-blind Institutions, the texts have been translated into Widgit Literacy Symbols (WLS) and Braille to make the journey even richer and more stimulating. There are also events for children: meetings with artists, workshops, tactile readings and LIS, multicultural journeys.For more information, timetables and costs, please refer to the exhibition page.

A magical world awaits you at the gates of Rome. Lake Bracciano is located about forty kilometers from the city, and is easily reachable by car or by train. Just like in the best fairy tales, nearby the lake, in the eponymous village of Bracciano, sits a real castle, with walls, ramparts, magnificently tall towers, and beautiful gardens. The Odescalchi Castle definitely deserves to be visited at least once, if the duration of your Roman stay allows it.

Beyond the usual guided tours for adults, the Castle provides various activities suitable for children and families. First of all, on the first and third Sunday of the month (the next appointment will be on March 3rd) the fortress transforms into a real-life fairytale castle, in an adventure suitable for children aged 3 and above. The little ones can play with princesses, and between stories and riddles they will embark on a journey to discover the building and its history.

The second Sunday of the month (in this case, March 10th) sees an experiential journey that sits at the crossroads between history and fantasy, suitable for children aged 5 and up. Somewhere between history and fantasy, this activity introduces children to a series of legendary characters that have inhabited the halls of the castle, an adventure that will end in the Sala del Pozzo where we will witness the story Il re del lago e la principessa Artemisia (lit. The king of the lake and the princess Artemisia).

There are also activities designed for groups and families, such as Escape from the Castle and Secret Passage. After the traditional visit to the fortress included in both activities, in the former activity participants will have to organize a real escape from the stables of the manor to avoid being imprisoned in the dungeons. Under the watchful eye of qualified operators, participants will literally descend along the walls of the Castle to escape their fate.

Without any compromise to your safety, the latter adventure also requires climbing skills as participants will scale the ramparts to enjoy incredible and evocative views until the final discovery of a real secret passage between the walls of the castle.

For schedules, info, costs and reservations (which are always mandatory), you can refer to the Castle’s website.

BONUS activity for adults (and kids): if you find yourself in those parts, and you have time on your hands, you can visit the Historical Museum of the Italian Air Force.

The beauty of the aircraft and the historical repertoire is really amazing, in a journey that starts from the dawn of human flight and spans until modern aviation. The museum’s main activities are related to the recovery and restoration of historic aircraft, in collaboration with external bodies and associations.


Francesca Mazzotta

Con una Laurea in Scienze Politiche, un Master in Business Administration e una carriera in ambito Finance e Insurance, Francesca Mazzotta ha una doppia vita. Fanatica di giochi da tavolo (il marito è autore di boardgame e cardgame, che testano assieme ai molti amici gamer), giochi di ruolo, videogiochi, libri per bambini, fumetti, film e cartoni animati, serie TV e più in generale tutto quello che riguarda la cosiddetta cultura POP, dopo il lavoro e le due figlie, le notti sono dedicate ai suoi mondi fantastici, persa in avventure terribili e meravigliose in luoghi lontani nel tempo e nello spazio. Dopo aver gestito per anni l'organizzazione della ludoteca GiocaRoma, ha scritto per e E’ fermamente convinta che il segreto di una vita felice stia nella capacità di conciliare il proprio percorso di crescita personale con la cura e la costante attenzione all'ascolto del proprio bambino interiore.


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