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Lincoln Youth Symphony Orchestra: the extraordinary beauty of youth

There is something intoxicating in a young man who expresses himself in an art form. There is the disarming beauty of his tender age, the impatience to live, the desire to grasp everything immediately, the frenzy of discovery. And when there are so many young people, all intent on grasping and gifting us with the beauty of music, then we must be in front of the Lincoln Youth Symphony Orchestra, a musical team formed in 1957 inside the Lincoln Public School in Nebraska. An orchestra of young talented teenagers selected by the best musicians to maintain, over the years, a masterful artistic level at a beardless age.

So we are not talking about an orchestra like many others, but of excellence in the field, of musical talents that we can consider as the rising stars of tomorrow’s musical scene. An opportunity that should not be missed, particularly because it has been ten years since the last performance in Italy by this ensemble.

This week there are two unmissable concerts: Monday 11th of March in the Basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva and Tuesday 12th of March in the church of San Paolo dentro le Mura. The locations chosen for the concerts are already worthy of a visit: from the gothic golden vaults in the blue field of Santa Maria sopra Minerva to the refined mosaics of San Paolo dentro le Mura, wherever you look, it’s an exaltationof artistic touch and architectural grace.

The orchestra consists of thirty-six young musicians from Lincoln, the state capital of Nebraska, and from other American cities. And like any self-respecting symphony orchestra, the line-up consists of all the instruments: strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and piano, for a repertoire of sacred and classical music under the direction of Clark Potter and Terry Rush, two excellent conductors as well as viola and brass musicians. In the past, directors such as Bernard Nevin, June Moore, Harold Levin, Brian Moore, Michael Swartz, Huadong Lu and Bob Krueger have led this iconic orchestra. Thanks above all to their dedication, the Youth Symphony has produced exceptional musicians and orchestras.

Do not be surprised if listening to Vivaldi, Puccini or Mascagni you will be seduced by the purity of those velvety cheeks, by the delicacy of those white fingers that circle over strings and keys. And slowly you will let yourself be carried away by a grace that you will no longer be able to distinguish from the heavenly music of angels.

Monday 11 March – 7.30 pm
Basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Piazza della Minerva, 42 – Rome

Tuesday 12 March – 6.00 pm
Church of San Paolo inside Le Mura, Via Napoli 58 – Rome

Free admission


Vera Risi

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