Ines Musumeci Greco
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If it is untouchable it is not beautiful

The collective exhibition If it is untouchable it is not beautiful that recently inaugurated at the contemporary art gallery Monitor speaks of beauty and its many facets. Different forms of beauty that make us live five lives through a single painting. The first exhibition of the year for the gallery is all female, full of styles, symbols, perspectives and languages ​​that invite us to see beauty through both shared and more intimate symbols. A palpable beauty before our eyes. Like love.

We are not talking about perfection or something strictly rigorous, but rather about something that captivates us so much that it moves us from the depths of our souls. The artists on show tell it through subjective codes, full of passionate impulses: and it is through passion that life is manifest in its sheer, absolute beauty. This is how the works of Paola Angelini are born, essential in their surrealism, that bring us back in time both for the style and for the atmosphere she portrays: works of identity, made of a material that is emotion, touch, deep appeal. The hand of Aryan Ozmaei instead refers to a new language to be investigated, a new mental dimension.

All the pictorial works on display speak to each other, as if we were observing an alphabet whose characters, distinctly, bear witness to their individuality. That of Giuliana Rosso, for example, has shadows and something that remains “unclear”. Each figure is stuck in the process of being moulded, it is ancestral, like in fairy tales. This is what transpires when observing her works Il gioco or the I metafisici. Magdalene Tesser talks about women and mystery: a combination of universal fascination that refers to oblivion. Hers is a fluid, labile beauty that flows and ebbs, that does not want to be grasped, as can be seen in her work Risveglio. By contrast, Alice Visentin’s works are grand and imposing, full of tone and spectrums: colors explode and everything seems to lose order, veiled by a melancholy that falls like a cloak over all the details.

Beauty is torment, mute with time, in the collective imagination and within each of us. We cannot imagine it in the future. If it is untouchable it is not beautiful speaks of five ideas of beauty, five absolute and singular female mental scenarios. Five ways to rethink it. Because beauty is love.

If it is untouchable it is not beautiful, February 14th – March 30th 2019, at Monitor Gallery.

Artists on show: Paola Angelini, Aryan Ozmaei, Giuliana Rosso, Maddalena Tesser, Alice Visentin.


Ines Musumeci Greco

Collezionista d’arte contemporanea, mecenate, ma soprattutto visionaria. Una donna che, in vent’anni, ha saputo trasformare la sua casa nel più importante salotto d’artista italiano. Con la passione e la determinazione che solo chi ha una missione nella vita riesce a perseguire, Ines definisce il suo progetto e il suo coinvolgimento come una lunga, continua gestazione: “Ho cercato la bellezza sempre e con forza, e ho dedicato la mia vita nel sostenere il lavoro degli artisti, perché è quando le loro opere vengono al mondo e nel mondo navigano che prende corpo quella vitalità che rende potente la vita”. Nella sua home gallery, dentro il seicentesco Palazzo Bennicelli del Borromini, si possono ammirare le opere di artisti del calibro di Marina Abramovic, Mario Schifano, Alighiero Boetti, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Chen Zhen, e altri.


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