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Great wines in the outskirts of Rome

A giant and beautiful vegetable garden, a dairy at the beginning of its activity, simple and luscious gastronomic products, preserves, honey, fruit juices and a trattoria with an open kitchen. All in an immaculate countryside dotted with fruit trees, lush and geometric vineyards, picnic tables and sheaves that stand out on the lawn before the forest. It is a magical place a stone’s throw from Rome where one can escapethe city, comforted by the beauty of nature, by the design of a bucolic landscape, attracted by the furnishings that drag you into a fairy-tale world surrounded by the chirping of birds and the perfumes of naturally leavened bread. We are in the Fattoria di Fiorano di Albiera, Alessia and Allegra Antinori, a garden of Eden that is easily reachable from Ciampino airport in just under twenty minutes.

You know well that I would not have stolen these three minutes of your time if I did not feel the need to tell you about a great wine. On the contrary, prepare yourself to accept the idea of ​​a grape variety rarely vinified in purity like the Semillon, used with Sauvignon Blanc to produce the famous sweet wines of Sauterne.

The Fiorano Bianco is a wine with a bright light gold color. Its citrus and tropical fruit scent mixes with some notes of anise, vanilla and a pleasant toasted sensation. The mouthfeel has to be delicately felt to fully enjoy the soft, sapid and deep elegance of its touch. The scents of flint and vanilla add complexity and the mineral traces recall the volcanic origin of these vineyards located in the Appia Antica Park. The second white wine of the Estate is of similar features, although simpler and with more immediate features: it is the Fioranello. A wine to be drunk without too much philosophical speculation but enjoying its affability and clean taste. As if these two oenological surprises from the Roman countryside were not enough, the Fattoria di Fiorano also produces a red made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with a velvety touch, a compact structure and aromas reminiscent of ripe blueberries, cedar, leather and vanilla.

The most incredible surprise is the aging potential of both white and red wines. A couple of years ago in New York, I had the good fortune to taste the old vintages inthe pleasant company of Alessia Antinori: 1971, 1974, 1985 and 1990. And if they weren’t international wines and in perfect condition I wouldn’t have written about them. These old vintages not only still offer so much fresh fruit, but also a complexity and a gustatory tension that, if served in a blind folded tasting compared to famous denominations such as those in Bordeaux, they would surely surprise the most experienced connoisseurs. Gift yourself the pleasure of discovering unexpected samples of elegance and longevity in a farm a stone’s throw from Rome.


Fattoria di Fiorano

Via di Fioranello 34 – Rome

(Exit GRA Ciampino airport)

342 3658581 – 06 79340114


Filippo Bartolotta

Filippo Bartolotta è un docente, uno scrittore ma soprattutto uno dei più noti storyteller del vino del pianeta, tanto che Obama, nel suo viaggio in Italia, lo ha scelto come Maestro di cantina. Una passione che Filippo coltiva fin dalla sua giovinezza, quando si laurea in Economia all’Università di Firenze con una tesi sulla comunicazione del vino e poi ottiene un diploma di marketing internazionale in Olanda, proprio per cominciare la sua attività a Vinopolis, il più grande museo del vino al mondo. Tra una degustazione e un’altra passa l’esame al Wine and Spirit Education Trust e comincia a scrivere per Decanter Magazine. Dal 2003 tiene moduli formativi sulla comunicazione, l’analisi sensoriale, la storia e l’antropologia del vino e sul marketing territoriale per l’Università di Siena e per Giunti Accademy. Con il progetto “I Capolavori dei Sensi” nel 2009 porta l’Italia del vino alla National Gallery di Londra e al Parlamento Francese. Dal 2010 svolge un Road Show “The Amazing Italian Wine Journey” che lo porta ogni anno, tra le altri sedi, nelle cucine della Casa Bianca e nelle sale del Metropolitan Museum di New York. Negli stati Uniti diventa sommelier di fiducia di star come Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, John Malkovich, Steven Colbert di The Late Show, Jessica Alba, Bryan Adams ed Eminem, e nel maggio del 2017 balza alla cronaca per aver intrattenuto i coniugi Obama in Toscana in una degustazione in abbinamento con i piatti dello Chef n.1 al mondo Massimo Bottura dell’Osteria Francescana. Intanto, la sua scuola di cucina e vino MaMa Florence, a Firenze, continua instancabilmente la sua ascesa planetaria.


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