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Discovering spectacular butterflies, between a water rocket and a star

The Butterfly House in Rome will reopen from March 23rd to June 9th, in Via Appia Pignatelli 450, in the Capannelle area. It is a large greenhouse that encloses a tropical corner in the heart of the capital, where it is possible to walk amongst some of the most spectacular butterflies in the world, following their life cycle in an environment that reproduces their natural habitat.

The House has also set up the first Butterfly Garden, a beautiful garden with the most popular plants for these extraordinary animals and also rich in plants that are essential to our diet. The route will allow visitors to watch, and in some cases even touch, not only caterpillars and pupaeor the various types of moth cocoons, but also other insects known for their unique characteristics. Visitors will be able to observestick insects, the leaf insect, the whistling cockroaches of Madagascar and the giant centipede, which has become the mascot of the House. To make exploration even more engaging and constructive, biologists and entomologists will guide visitors to immerse themselves in this fascinating world, revealing unknown adaptive techniques and specific curiosities. On Saturday March 23rd it will also be possible to attend the inauguration, scheduled for 11am.

The Butterfly House, via Appia Pignatelli 450, Rome. Tickets can be purchased online or directly on site. For information and reservations visit the site.

Saturday, March 23rd, from 10.00 to 18.30, the ScienzImpresa association, in collaboration with the Appia Antica Regional Park, organizes an event for Father’s Day at the Aqueducts Park. Rocket Dad, as the event is called, will be a day dedicated to the construction and launch of water rockets and Solar Physics. The workshop provides a brief introduction to space exploration, after which each child, assisted by his father or another adult, will build and launch his own water rocket. It will also be possible to participate in the Astronomy Workshop, where children will be guided to the discovery of the Solar System and will be able to observe our star with a telescope. Recommended age: 4-10 years. Reservations are strongly recommended.

Rocket Dad, March 23rd at Parco degli Acquedotti, via Lemonia 221. For more information and reservations, write to:


Francesca Mazzotta

Con una Laurea in Scienze Politiche, un Master in Business Administration e una carriera in ambito Finance e Insurance, Francesca Mazzotta ha una doppia vita. Fanatica di giochi da tavolo (il marito è autore di boardgame e cardgame, che testano assieme ai molti amici gamer), giochi di ruolo, videogiochi, libri per bambini, fumetti, film e cartoni animati, serie TV e più in generale tutto quello che riguarda la cosiddetta cultura POP, dopo il lavoro e le due figlie, le notti sono dedicate ai suoi mondi fantastici, persa in avventure terribili e meravigliose in luoghi lontani nel tempo e nello spazio. Dopo aver gestito per anni l'organizzazione della ludoteca GiocaRoma, ha scritto per e E’ fermamente convinta che il segreto di una vita felice stia nella capacità di conciliare il proprio percorso di crescita personale con la cura e la costante attenzione all'ascolto del proprio bambino interiore.


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