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Dinner at Gallura by Gianni Schirru

Just book a table in the roof garden to board a roller coaster of seafood flavors. Chills, emotions and fright included. Completely renovated in March 2019, the restaurant in the heart of Parioli by Gianni Schirru and his wife Dorina is certainly to be included in the gourmet diaries of those looking for a chic location and seafood specialties such as the Catalan lobster, which is caught from the large aquarium at entrance and is cooked before the eyes of customers in the open kitchen.

The tip is to reserve the small room for private dinners among white tablecloths, curtains and sophisticated furnishings and then begin the tasting of oysters chased by rivers of champagne, including “L’Emeraude in Moscow”, served with a Moscow Mule granita that seduces the taste buds. Gianni Schirru is not new to restaurants as he is already the owner of other establishments such as L’Ostrica along the Tuscolana road towards the Castelli Romani. Gallura, purchased a few years ago but only recently renovated, now sees the entrance in the kitchen brigade of Gianmarco Frasassi.

Among the innovations to be noted there is also blockchain technology, the same at the base of Bitcoin so to speak, through which to trace the journey of a particular dish. Checking all the boxes and monitoring the supply chain.

Food safety and transparency also come to the table.

Gallura, Via Giovanni Antonelli 2, Rome. Tel. 06.8072971.



Loredana Tartaglia


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