Cristina Bowerman
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Comfort wine & comfort food

Born in 2015 out of the encounter of Cecilia Eleonora Rinaldi, Vincent Caruso and Antonella Carbone, Il Vigneto is a food & wine enotecawhere the relationship between raw materials, passion and good taste is so harmoniously evident and well executed that we feel the desire to stay for a long time and want to come back even before leaving. The layout is that of a large and colourful living room. From a distance it feels like glimpsing through the windows of somebody’s home, where someone has forgotten to draw the curtains. 

The tender, warm lights of the interior, the piano and the guitar, a sofa area (perfect for a group aperitif) and small, more secluded wooden tables. And then the wine: many beautiful labels placed on a mezzanine bottling that can be accessed via a sliding staircase just like the ones you see in libraries. In the summer you can also count on a limited number of tables under the trees of Piazza dei Condottieri, so that you can cool off with glass of wine while you enjoy the sunset. 

Il Vigneto is located in Pigneto, a gentrified corner of Rome with an underground vibe, the district of Pasolini and Accattone, the realm of street art and also of singer-songwriter Calcutta, where the life of peoples and migrant ethnic groups mixes with the popular architecture of the typical Roman suburb. Equipped with a blackboard and a gourmet inspiration that changes regularly, as well as a wine list that is a bit out of the ordinary, Il Vigento tells us stories of amazing wine and great food that are extremely comforting. They are comforting at the end of a heavy day, whether it is a random Monday or an exciting weekend, comforting because they enhance and exalt the fragile soul of small Italian and foreign wine producers, comforting because their wine list includes the many new trends in biodynamic agriculture and natural processing of grapes without taking an exorbitant toll on your wallet, quality that is sold at strictly ethical prices. Comforting as the idea of ​​putting together a small and simple menu of dishes that offers us ideal classics of seasonal comfort food in a fanciful and cheerful version. From soups to carpaccio, the menu always has at least a couple of meat and fish main courses, seasonal salads such as the particularly popular artichokes or puntarelle salads, a first course that is almost always vegetarian and a trio of tasty appetizers that accompany the selections of continually evolving Italian organic cheeses and salamis. The average cost depends on you! 


Cristina Bowerman

Da Cerignola a San Francisco, da Austin a Roma. La vita di Cristina Bowerman è un viaggio emozionante tra l’Italia e gli Stati Uniti per approfondire l’arte culinaria. Unica donna a conquistare nel 2010 la stella Michelin per il suo lavoro al ristorante Glass Hostaria di Roma, ha dato vita a Romeo Chef&Baker, un locale polifunzionale che comprende un ristorante gourmet, un forno, la pizzeria napoletana e romana Giulietta, una gastronomia e una gelateria artigianale, Frigo. Presidente di Ambasciatori del Gusto, Associazione nata per valorizzare in tutto il mondo l’identità enogastronomica italiana evitando gli sprechi e promuovendo la sostenibilità ambientale, sostiene numerose organizzazioni benefiche, come Telefono Rosa (di cui è Ambasciatrice da febbraio 2018), Ristoranti contro la Fame, FioranoForKids, ActionAid. Il suo impegno è stato premiato da numerosi riconoscimenti: da “Chef Donna dell’Anno” 2018 e “Valorizzazione e Cultura del Made in Italy – Associazione Italiana Ambasciatori del Gusto”, riconosciutile da FoodCommunity, al Premio LoveItalianLife come “Best Female Italian Chef in Europe 2018”.


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