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Brancaccio Theater: the Divine Comedy becomes a musical

A grandiose show that will tell Dante’s extraordinary and imaginative Divine Comedy, on stage from April 2nd to April 7th at the Teatro Brancaccio in Rome. One of the greatest masterpieces of Italian literature, emblem of the Bel Paese’s cultural identity, adapted for the stage. An exceptional cast, a mixture of visual and auditory languages ​​to give life to the surreal journey through the vices and virtues of man.

Two acts, two hours of show. Acrobats, dancers, an extraordinary scenography and lighting system, the latest generation 3D projections to lead the audience across Dante’s afterlife adventure. A journey inside oneself, amongst obsession and damnation to discover that “Love which moves the sun and the other stars”.

On stage arid and gloomy landscapes become woods with autumnal or fairy-tale colors, to the point of being filled by luminous and celestial atmospheres. This particular journey is underpinned by the harrowing encounter with Francesca da Rimini, damned for eternity, because of a love so strong and consuming that it refuses to be ignored and that forces her to cling to her beloved, stricken by distressing and violent storms.

Dante, accompanied by Virgil, will encounter the immobility of a deadly forest, discovering Pier Delle Vigne among the dry twigs of an arid tree, guilty of inflicting harm on his own body. He will meet with Count Ugolino, suspended in a place that is as cold and chilling as the Count’s own torment.

The atmosphere on stage is lifted during the second act, with the discovery of Purgatory. A transitory world to rediscover yourself and conclude the journey through the folds of human distortions.The high light will be the revelation of Paradise and the encounter with the beloved Beatrice, along with the discovery of that “straight way” that had been lost at the beginning of Dante’s dreamlike adventure.

The Divine Comedy Opera Musical is a brave and exceptional product. An imposing dramaturgical construction to faithfully render, on stage, the style of the poem and its hallucinated visions. The music of Maestro Marco Frisina accompanies the audience on this journey, directed by Andrea Ortis, while a unique scenic language mixes symbolism to make people feel and see, even after centuries, the voice of the shapeshifting creative genius that was the father of Italian literature. A chance to learn about an important chapter of Italian culture, because, as Dante would have Ulysses say, we are not born to be barbarians but to discover virtue and knowledge.

For information on showtimes and tickets,visit the official website.

The Divine Comedy Opera Musical, from April2nd to April7th. Brancaccio Theater, Rome.



Valentina Cuppone

Classe 1982, dopo una laurea in Lettere Moderne si è specializzata in Comunicazione della cultura e dello spettacolo con una tesi sull’ibridazione dei linguaggi e sull’intermedialità nello spettacolo MDLSX di Motus, un assolo di Silvia Calderoni, ispirato al premio Pulitzer 2013 Middlesex di Jeffrey Eugenides, sulla costruzione dell’identità. Ha lavorato come supporto al segretario di redazione del “Giornale di Sicilia” scrivendo articoli per il ciclo “Eccellenze di Sicilia”, mirando a valorizzare ciò che di bello e positivo offre e si può costruire nella sua isola. Per coniugare i suoi interessi umanistici con i linguaggi e l’innovazione digitale, ha collaborazione con il quotidiano online


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