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Bill Viola ( Rome is always a great idea VOL.1)

Here comes Springtime! Finally the weather is mild and we feel like planning a nice weekend in Rome, the so-called Eternal City.What can we do in a 48-hour trip in Rome? There are plenty of things you can do in a week-end in Rome, including a few top-quality experiences. Haste is not a trait belonging to the Romans, therefore, even if you have little time, adopt the Romans’ philosophy and enjoy your stay, combining your well-deserved relaxation with a few and carefully selected cultural tours.

First and fundamental rule: for your accommodation, select a beautiful location in the historic center

A strategic point of departure will help you reach easily the main historic and archeological sites of the city.

Enjoy a nice stroll among the beauties of the Capital and experience the warmth of the Ponentino wind that caresses the city.

What is missing? Logistics and time optimization.

TGH designed a small and accurate list including both the main art exhibits currently on display in Rome and the must-see destinations. The list was carefully designed for those who visit Rome for the first time and want to enjoy the current events as well as the great classics of the historic heritage of the city. Those visitors who will undoubtedly come back J

Here is our selection:

Palazzo Bonaparte and Bill Viola

The Event: Icons of Light

When: Until September 11 2022 (Tuesday-Friday 9:00/19:00 – Saturday and Sunday 9:00/21:00)

Where: Palazzo Bonaparte, Spazio Generali Valore Cultura Piazza Venezia, 5

Why: let’s start from a “rebirth”. Closed for years due to the pandemic and to huge restoration works, the museum reopens the doors of this historic residence which for a long time was home to Napoleon Bonaparte’s mother (Madama Letizia Ramolino). Visitors will have the opportunity both to visit the restored residence and to enjoy the video installations by Bill Viola, considered the most relevant figure of video art from the 70s onwards.

Designed for: displaying different and innovative video installations, the exhibit is perfect for families and for young and very young visitors as it provides also educational workshops and themed conferences.

Visiting time: around 1h ½

Our suggestion: The Reflecting Pool, an amazing video installation which is also the iconic image of the exhibition.



The History of Rome a stone’s throw from Palazzo Bonaparte:


Pantheon (8-minute walk – 650 m)

Trevi Fountain (7-minute walk 600 m)

Roman Forum (5-minute walk 500 m)


Fancy a good coffee? Try the delicious coffee of  Sant’Eustachio, the most historic cafeteria in Rome where you can enjoy excellent coffee blends from early in the morning to midnight! Address: Piazza S. Eustachio, 82.

If you want your stay in Rome to be a one-of-a-kind experience, The Grand House  provides a set of special services: conciergerie, classic or private guided tours and much more.

It is a great opportunity to visit Rome in an exclusive way, an experience fulfilling all your dreams!

Find out how and ask Alfred!

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