Vera Risi
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Author’s intimacy at the Teatro Golden in Rome

Put some of the biggest Italian singer-songwriters on a stage. Mix them with the most promising young talents on the national scene. Finally, let them interact freely with the audience in the room, thanks to an open space theater whose architecture allows a close contact with the viewer. The result? A refined selection up of songs and performancesthat puts artists of great depth into the lineup, and certainly a program that stands out from the ordinarycircuits.

The idea came to the singer-songwriterslash musical talent scout, Grazia Di Michele. How to forgetone of her most delightful hits, “Le ragazze di Gauguin”? Here, however, the singer plays the role of artistic director, and thanks to her musical intuition manages to structure a calendar of concerts that share an intimate and original atmosphere. A magical combination, therefore, in which great songwritersare introduced by some new promises of Italian music.

The occasion is particularly unique because the audience will be able to get to know the artists closely, interacting directly with them. The arena-space of the Golden Theater lends itself perfectly to this kind of interaction, with an amphitheatrical layout enveloping the stage on three sides in order to surround the artist in a “one-to-one”where words and melodies create an enchanted atmosphere.

Having launched on March 23rd with a performance by Morgan, the line up continues on Friday March 29th with Mimmo Cavallo. The latter is an Apulian artist of great versatility, an atypical singer, combining the sagacity of Edoardo Bennato, the irony of Rino Gaetano and the theatrical frankness of Giorgio Gaber. He has written songs for Zucchero, Fiorella Mannoia, Mia Martini, Ornella Vanoni, Loredana Berté and Giorgia, and has established a career full of awards, reaching his apex during a sold out theater-song show where critics applaud him as a versatile and profound artist.

Following his performance, on Saturday March 30th and Sunday March 31st, Carlo Marrale will take the stage. Better known as one of the founders of Matia Bazar, author of the group’s most beloved international successes, from “Stasera che sera” to “Per un’ora d’amore”, from “Vacanze Romane” to “Che male fa”, which has also been sung by the iconicly divine Mina.An artist who knows how to communicate the most hidden emotions of the human soul through his songs, digging deepto render them back to us in their disarming simplicity.

Continuing until April 14th, the event will host other fine Italian music brands. From Bungaro to Mariella Nava, from Alberto Fortis to Rossana Casale, including Grazia Di Michele who, having fulfilled her role as creative director, will once again walk the stage as a singer-songwriter. All of this to propose original recitals, in which each artist tells their story through music. Opening each show, new promises of Italian music that have already stood out for their creative and interpretative skills, such as Mauro Pandolfo, Francesco Rainero, Ida Scarlato and many others.

A tu per tu con… Rassegna della Canzone d’Autore Italiana. March 29th at 9pm: Mimmo Cavallo “L’incantautore”. March 30th at 9pm and March 31st at 5pm: Carlo Marrale “Sfumature di me”. Golden Theater, via Taranto 36. Rome. Infoline: 06 70493826.


Vera Risi

La laurea in Scienze Politiche con 110 e lode le apre le porte per un Master in Marketing del terziario avanzato presso Unioncamere. Intanto scrive di musica, arte, tendenze e fermenti culturali sulle più prestigiose testate nazionali: D di Repubblica, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Fit For Fun, Kult, Il Fatto Quotidiano, l'Unità, e la rivista internazionale Time Out. Diventa poi direttore esecutivo del web magazine Bazar, co-edito da La Stampa e Rai Eri. Per l'Università Lumsa è cultore della materia in Strumenti e Strategia della Comunicazione d'Impresa e responsabile dello Student Placement per il Master in Marketing e Organizzazione degli Eventi. Docente a contratto per la cattedra di Teorie e Tecniche del linguaggio giornalistico presso la Luiss, scrive tre saggi sulla comunicazione (Audino Editore e da Rai Eri). E' autrice di un romanzo arrivato finalista al premio letterario Città di Assisi 2013 mentre, per amore dell'arte e della natura, diventa guida turistica e costruisce percorsi inconsueti dei boschi del Lazio e trekking all'insegna dell'esplorazione e dello storytelling.


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