Vera Risi


Graduating cum laude with a degree in Political Science allowed her to pursue a Master in Marketing of Advanced Services at Unioncamere. In the meantime, she writes about music, art, trends and cultural news on the most prestigious national newspapers: D di Repubblica, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Fit For Fun, Kult, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Unity, and the international magazine Time Out. She is later appointed as Executive Director of Bazar, a web magazine co-edited by La Stampa and Rai Eri. At Lumsa University she oversees the course in Tools and Strategy of Business Communication and is responsible for Student Placement for the Master in Marketing and Events Management. A contract professor for the chair of Theories and Techniques in Journalistic Practice at LUISS University, Vera has written three essays on communication (published by Audino Editore and Rai Eri). She's the author of a finalist book for the literary award Città D'Assisi in 2013 while, for art and nature, she becomes a tour guide and builds unusual paths in the woods of the Lazio region and trekking itineraries.

Author's articles

Giuliano Gabriele Trio, dances of passion and underworld


This week our invitation is to let go, to loosen any inhibitory brake, to open the heart and feel your blood flow through your veins. This is the only way in which we can allow ourselves to listen to the folk music of a warm and passionate south.

The Gatsby Cafe in Rome, a melting pot of gypsy and American jazz sounds


The Gatsby Cafè is an experience to live. Not only because it is located in the most multi-ethnic neighborhood of Rome, but also because it is an interesting bistro with a Northern European vibe which you can't miss exploring at least once.

The romantic pop-rock by Brian Mackey at the historic Big Mama


There are places that become pillars of a city, that write its history, that draw its colors, which constitute its deep breath. Big Mama is one of them. Born thirty-five years ago in a basement of Trastevere, it built its path on the notes of the best blues and international rock.

Rome: the Pigneto is alive, a bastard neighborhood with a multi-ethnic sound


Squeezed between Via Casilina and Via Prenestina, Pigneto is a neighborhood where disorder creates harmony and confusion becomes inspiration. It is a triangle of streets between the Esquilino and the Prenestino, where seven-storey “palazzacci” alternate with two-storey houses that still have their gardens enclosed by railings, in line with the liberty architecture that was in vogue during the late nineteenth century.

Federico Sirianni at the Arciliuto Theatre: descending gently


Sometimes there are perfect combinations in which a harmonious fusion is achieved between space and music. It happens at the Teatro Arciliuto in Rome, which hosts Federico Sirianni, the award-winning Genoese singer, for a concert with intimate and enveloping atmospheres on Thursday April 4th.

Author's intimacy at the Teatro Golden in Rome


ut some of the biggest Italian singer-songwriters on a stage. Mix them with the most promising young talents on the national scene. Finally, let them interact freely with the audience in the room, thanks to an open space theater whose architecture allows a close contact with the viewer. The result?

Blumberg at Spin Time Labs: the ethos of improvisation


He is one of the most seductive contemporary voices of the British music scene. His rarefied sound, the refined atmospheres, his caressing voice, will enchant you at first listening. We are talking about the English musician and composer Daniel Blumberg who, on Monday 18 March, will hold a concert at the Spin Time Labs Auditorium, an extraordinary place for artistic and human encounters.

Lincoln Youth Symphony Orchestra: the extraordinary beauty of youth


There is something intoxicating in a young man who expresses himself in an art form. There is the disarming beauty of his tender age, the impatience to live, the desire to grasp everything immediately, the frenzy of discovery. And when there are so many young people, all intent on grasping and gifting us with the beauty of music, then we must be in front of the LincolnYouth Symphony Orchestra.

Festival Retape: the sound of Rome


This is Retape’s claim, a festival that, already in its third edition, wants to tell the Roman music scene through a series of events with artists and bands from the Capitoline panorama. The program extends until May. Many have noticed that, in recent years, the Roman music scene has been particularly active. Young musicians are creating music that moves between indie, pop, reggae, hip hop and folk, drawing creative roadmaps that are yet to be explored.

Jazz is back


When it all began it was only a basement, but thanks to good instinct it became one of the most influential jazz clubs in the world. In 1984 the President of the Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival, Giampiero Rubei, decided to transform that basement into a club which saw some of the greatest jazz players of the past decades walk through its doors, from Chet Baker to Michel Petrucciani.

Cultural spaces with female interpretations


There is something fascinating in listening to a concert in the Great Hall of a University or in a cultural institute. Whilst sounds gently caress your ears, the eyes and the mind are seduced by surroundings that radiate the beauty of culture and architecture.

Virtuosity, soft seductions and psychedelics


There are at least two artistic certainties that belong to Rome: architecture and opera.