Valentina Cuppone

Chief editor

Born in 1982, after a degree in Modern Literature, she specialized in Communication of Culture and Entertainment with a thesis on the hybridization of languages ​​and intermediality in the MDLSX show by Motus, a solo by Silvia Calderoni, inspired by the 2013 Pulitzer Prize Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, on the construction of identity. She assisted the editorial secretary of the "Giornale di Sicilia" writing articles for the column "Excellence of Sicily", aiming to enhance what is beautiful and positive and can be built on her native island. To combine her humanistic interests with languages ​​and digital innovation, she collaborates with the online newspaper

Author's articles

Dancing with Otello at the Teatro Quirino in Rome


From April 30th to May 5th, we can enjoy a different reading of the tragic story of the Shakespearean Moor. In fact, the final leg of Fabrizio Monteverde's ballet arrives at the Quirino Theater in Rome.

Exploring dimensions of sound at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome


Sounds. Remote, deep, expressive, distant voices. Whisperings of the soul. This is what the exhibition The body and the voice. Carmelo Bene, Cathy Berberian, Demetrio Stratos talks about, curated by Anna Cestelli Guidi and Francesca Rachele Oppedisano at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome until June 30th.

Manifesto, at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni to talk about avant-gardes


Sarcastic rather than ironic. At times controversial and irreverent. Capable of arousing the most varied sensations and reflections. Polysemic and alienating, enveloping and immersive. Difficult to define and to interpret. The only possible alternative: go and see it with your own eyes.

In Rome, the Science Festival pays tribute to invention


“What exactly is an invention? What ingredients and conditions favor it? What can we imagine and create and what could we never reach?” Three questions that men and women have often tried to answer, putting themselves to the test, studying, tirelessly setting themselves higher goals to reach. Sometimes even accepting their own limits.

Romics 2019: between science fiction, fantasy and superheroes


From April 4th to April 7th. Four intense days to immerse yourself in futuristic worlds, in the company of superheroes and extraordinary characters. Where is it? At the Fiera di Roma. The occasion? The 25th edition of Romics, International festival of comics, animation, cinema and games. An event that the Italian capital hosts twice a year and which attracts thousands of visitors.

Brancaccio Theater: the Divine Comedy becomes a musical


A grandiose show that will tell Dante’s extraordinary and imaginative Divine Comedy, on stage from April 2nd to April 7th at the Teatro Brancaccio in Rome. One of the greatest masterpieces of Italian literature, emblem of the Bel Paese's cultural identity, adapted for the stage. An exceptional cast, a mixture of visual and auditory languages ​​to give life to the surreal journey through the vices and virtues of man.

WelcomeToRome, a show to immerse yourself in the history of Rome


A multimedia journey back through time and space to tell millennia of history. This and so much more is WelcomeToRome, the interactive show that from March 15th to June 30th will be set up in the spaces of the Augustus Cinema.

Renoir: the humanity of the gaze. The French Master at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni


This is the perfect occasion to enjoy feature films which have marked history in international cinema, with the chance to experience the movies in their original format, projected in 35mm. Copies sent from film libraries across the globe, including restored film, to bring back to life and provide homage, at 40 years from his death, to one of the masters of contemporary cinema.

Teatro India: The history of revaluation


Sometimes it just so happens that failure is the guise for great opportunity instead. This is the case of the Teatro India, an excellent example of rehabilitation and conversion of abandoned spaces. It was the destiny of the now former citadel of the Mira Lanza factory, that industrial reality which, from the beginning of the 20th century until the end of the Second World War, should have represented the Italian dream of industrialization. From the ashes of these plants an innovative cultural reality arose, a place of experimentation for international art.

“O, Captain, My Captain”: Dead Poets Society celebrates 30 years


The 6th edition of Cinema al MAXXI was inaugurated on the 26th of January, one of the most fascinating initiatives of the Roman cultural scene. Curated by Marco Segni and coordinated by Alessandra Fontemaggi, the National Museum of XXI Century Arts (MAXXI) will be the setting for a series of projections, meetings, previews and events related to the audiovisual industry.

Alice dances in the Momix’s lair


“Subverting our perception of the world, opening up to the impossible”. For Moses Pendleton and his Momix nothing is as it seems. Everything changes, turns, revolving around a changing landscape in a fantastic and imaginative world. The Self sheds the boundaries of its own body, becomes the Other, imagining a life outside it self, transforming into both subject and object of continuous and surreal metamorphoses.

The genius of Michelangelo between beauty, obsessions and performing arts


“Not a ballet, nor a theatrical show, nor a musical, but a gesture of love towards culture, with a highly emotional impact”.