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Good News (Rome is always a great idea VOL.2)

Contemporary art

A tribute to the most influential female architects and architectural personalities in history , is now running at MAXXI Museum of Rome...

Superbarocco (Rome is always a great idea VOL.3)

Contemporary art

Are you planning a Weekend in Rome soon!? dont'miss this Fabulous exhibition dedicated to Barocco (Boroque Time)

Bill Viola ( Rome is always a great idea VOL.1)

Contemporary art

Here comes Springtime! Finally the weather is mild and we feel like planning a nice weekend in Rome, the so-called Eternal City.What can we do in a 48-hour trip in Rome? There are plenty of things you can do in a week-end in Rome, including a few top-quality experiences. Haste is not a trait belonging to the Romans, therefore, even if you have little time, adopt the Romans’ philosophy and enjoy your stay, combining your well-deserved relaxation with a few and carefully selected cultural tours.