Ines Musumeci Greco


A contemporary art collector, a patron, but above all a visionary. A woman who, in twenty years, has been able to transform her home into the most important Italian artist's salon. With the kind of passion and determination that only those who have a mission in life are able to channel, Ines defines her project and her involvement as a gradual, continuous development: “I always looked for beauty with strength, and I dedicated my life to supporting the work of artists, because it is when their works come to life that the vitality that makes life powerful takes shape.” In her home gallery, inside the seventeenth-century Palazzo Bennicelli by Borromini, you can admire the works of artists such as Marina Abramovic, Mario Schifano, Alighiero Boetti, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Chen Zhen, and others.

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Oro d'Italia, itineraries in Italian art at the Casoli-De Luca gallery

Contemporary art

Oro d'Italia, an amazing collective exhibition, was recently inaugurated at the Casoli-De Luca gallery. As exceptional as the gallery, which recently opened in Rome’s Palazzo Albertoni Spinola.

Kiribati in Rome: past and future meet at the former Pastificio Cerere

Contemporary art

I recently visited an exhibition with an exotic title, Kiribati, in an important palace for contemporary art in Rome, the Pastificio Cerere in San Lorenzo. Today the pasta factory is the home of countless artist studios, spaces for independent craftsmen, a department of NABA University and a restaurant.

Chile in Rome to discover not so distant worlds

Contemporary art

On April 4th, a collective exhibition was inaugurated at the Embassy of Chile in Rome: Ultra_Sur - Contemporary art between Italy and Chile. Visiting exhibitions in embassies or cultural institutes has a certain charm.

Gagosian Gallery in Rome: color is the king

Contemporary art

A few days ago I went to visit the solo show of a great American artist: Sea Change by Helen Frankenthaler, at Gagosian (Rome). It was like taking a dip in history, like breathing an international air in one of the most famous galleries in the world.

Among square halos at the Ex-Electrophonic gallery of Trastevere

Contemporary art

The young artist Sergio Breviario has recently inaugurated a solo show at Ex-Elettrofonica, one of the most peculiar galleries in the city. Entering this gallery is like entering a fictional space of creation: white-washed walls, with a large tree in the middle, both “present”and at the same time “ghostly”. But I won't tell you more here ...

Giacomo Balla at Palazzo Merulana. From abstract futurism to iconic futurism

Contemporary art

A historic exhibition by Giacomo Balla in one of the new spaces of our city, Palazzo Merulana. An exhibition that opens onto an imaginary that, albeit dated, is absolutely as avant-garde as the futurist one. An iconic futurism. Going through the halls of the museum, you can admire all the developments of the Maestro's career. The Portrait of Primo Carnera (1933), already part of the permanent collection of the Palazzo, is in this respect one of the artist’s most significant works.

Au-delà at The Gallery Apart in Ostiense

Contemporary art

Au-delà is the title of the solo show by Marco Strappato at The Gallery Apart, a contemporary art gallery in Ostiense. Photography, sculpture, installations:everything here is something else, itis Beyond. It's Over Yonder, to citethe title of another of his shows from some years ago in the same gallery.

ROMAMOR at Villa Medici: between disaster literature and surreal experiments

Contemporary art

The French Academy in Villa Medici is hosting ROMAMOR, the first monographic exhibition by Anne and Patrick Poirier in Italy. The couple returns after travelling in Asia and the United States. In the early 1960’s, they spent a lot of time in the Villa invited by Balthus, and it was exactly in this period that the two met! Following this residency, they decided to continue as a duo and with time created their own personal language.

Dora Tass at the Om The Spot, the new cultural space in Rome

Contemporary art

Have you ever visited Trastevere’s new cultural centre and co-working space OM The Spot? Well, here is a great reason to do so: in December OM The Spot opened to the public in Rome with Perturbing Objectsby Dora Tass, a captivating exhibit of the artists mind-bending holograms, describing them as surrealists would have. In fact, the title is not a coincidence.

Sentiments océaniques

Contemporary art

Sentiments océaniques: the title itself is enough to “immerse” you in the atmosphere of the exhibition. The personal exhibition of Caroline Halley des Fontaines inaugurated on February 15th in the Galleria Valentina Bonomo. The artist, a curious photographer eager to explore the world, began capturing her visions on film,driven by the desire to reveal hidden truths to the observer, or even something more complex: legends.

If it is untouchable it is not beautiful

Contemporary art

The collective exhibition If it is untouchable it is not beautiful that recently inaugurated at the contemporary art gallery Monitor speaks of beauty and its many facets. Different forms of beauty that make us live five lives through a single painting.

You got to burn to shine

Contemporary art

On February 4th,the collective contemporary art exhibition “You Got to Burn to Shine”, curated by Teresa Macrì, opened at Rome’s National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art.