Giuseppe Fantasia


Graduated in Law, Giuseppe has been a journalist since 2007, first on TV (Sky) and now on writing for print (Il Foglio) and online media (HuffPost Italy and Marie Claire). He writes about books, art and entertainment. He lives in Rome and it is easy to meet him in the most glamorous dinners and parties, but if you are real night owls, every Friday night you can find him on Rai Uno, permanent guest of the program “MilleeunLibro - Scrittori in TV”: “Bring me to a nice party I will be grateful to you, but also to a film or literary festival, to an exhibition, let me meet interesting and gripping characters. Then do not worry, I will tell you stories in my own way, hoping to intrigue and excite you as happens to me every time. You just need to get comfortable and start reading.”

Author's articles

Adelaide, a magical place in the center of Rome


The atmosphere and the environment capture the eye, the service extremely attentive even in the refined informality of the place. The overall effect is intriguing and the pleasure is continuous.

At Duke's dei Parioli, the night-time Rome not to be missed


With the warm season quickly approaching, Rome’s terraces and gardens reopen. Do not miss those of Duke's, a real point of reference in Parioli, a neighborhood that in recent years moved decidedly towards the future and the world of young people, with new and innovative places.

The magic of Japan at Rome's Drink Kong


Imagine a place with an atmosphere that recalls the smoky alleys of an oriental metropolis where sudden bursts of neon light are mixed with the minimalist rigor of the essential. Think of a large labyrinthine space, over 300 square meters, which revolves around a central bar, amongst elements that come from a world that recalls Blade Runner, with its dark atmospheres, soft lighting and velvet armchairs.

At Pianoalto on the Roman Tiber for evenings with friends


High quality food, music and dance are always a winning combination. And in Rome all this is possible, especially with the arrival of the first warm days and the immediate reopening of the many terraces in the city.

Fiumicino: a few steps from Rome the nights of great beauty


Having fun in Rome is always possible. But having fun in Fiumicino, a few kilometers from the airport and from Ostia, is a pleasant discovery. There is a magical place that actually contains two or maybe three venues wrapped together, hidden along the river, inside the historic Nautilus shipyard.

At Emerald's in Rome for a trip around the world


“Once upon a time there was a fearless adventurer, a fascinating globetrotter with dark eyes and a musicalvoice. He traveled relentlessly to reach places and peoples of all kinds, pushing himself to the remotest partsof the globe: from the East Indies to Japan, from the heart of the Amazon forest to the Pacific islands. On his estate in Venezuela, the fairy-tale traveler loved to bring back every kind of merchandise: precious fabrics, foods, spices and carpets but also rare animals. Like Emerald. A magnificent peacock with thick plumage.”

Roman nightlife at TED Via Ostiense


If you are in Rome, visiting Ostiense is an experience you should do. Starting with the nearby Cestia Pyramid and the non-Catholic cemetery where the bodies of great writers, poets and writers- such as Mary Shelley and John Keats-lie in rest, continue to the murals in via del Porto Fluviale which exploded with art and life in recent years.

At Palmerie in Parioli for exclusive evenings


A colonial touch that blends with the ancient East, the west indies and the typical Moroccan riads. We are in Parioli, in Rome, in the neighbourhood of high bourgeoisie that continues to be there in spite of everything and where, about a year ago, Palmerie opened.

Valentyne: the return of a lost era


We are at the “Valentyne”, a few steps from Piazza del Popolo, but it seems like we have just stumbled into post-war Paris or the America of Prohibition, because this is a timeless place, capable of creating a return of glamor and the atmosphere of the 1930s.

A glamorous evening with cocktails and good music


The beauty of Rome is that most activities and events happen outside, given that the climate is almost always favorable and pleasant even in winter. However, for some time now, “happenings” have been in vogue: super-exclusive evenings where good food and high quality music played by international DJs perfectly merge with each other.

Understanding Rome


“Only in Rome is it possible to understand Rome.”, wrote the German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in one of the chapters of the famousItalian Journey. Only there, he added, “we meet with traces both of majesty and of ruin, which alike surpass all conception.”