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With a degree in Political Science, a Masters in Business Administration and a career in Finance and Insurance, Francesca Mazzotta has a double life. A board game fanatic (together with her husband she has co-created board games and card games), she is also an avid consumer of role-playing games, videogames, children's books, comic books, animated films, TV series and more generally everything related to so-called “pop culture”. After work and spending time with her two daughters, her nights are dedicated to fantastic worlds, lost in wondrous adventures in places far away in time and space. After having managed for years the GiocaRoma playroom, today she writes for and She firmly believes that the secret of a happy life lies in the ability to reconcile one's personal growth journey with the care and constant attention of listening to one's inner child.

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Between nature and its products to entertain the little ones


If you grew up in Rome, you know that Capannelle is not just a neighborhood. It is the Hippodrome, the one with a capital H. Sort of like a birthmark, which immediately refers to that popular cult movie"Febbre da Cavallo" (lit. “Horse Fever”).

Astonishing initiatives for wonderful Easter holidays in Rome


Are you spending your Easter holidays in Rome and trying to figure out where to take your children for fun but instructive, carefree but educational, curious and unconventional experiences? We have decided to help you with some suggestions.

Ice cream festival in Rome and much more for a superfun weekend!


Sometimes it can seem an exceptional feat to find a way for your children to spend a happy and carefree weekend. But Rome can also surprise you with its immense variety of activities, places to visit, events that should not be missed. Here are some proposals for this weekend.

Nature, history, science and science fiction for children


Between tulips and extinct dinosaurs, nature takes its course and knowing it also means learning to respect it. As well as discovering our body and its functioning. And you can start as a child, playing and having fun. So spring in Rome brings with it many opportunities to learn with a smile.

Art, fairy tales and commitment. Learning while having fun


Discover the beauties of ancient art and reveal them to children. This is the unique value proposition of Unveiled Masterpieces, an adventurous journey through marble sculptures, paintings of lights and shadows and imposing architectures. Children and families will have the opportunity to discover the permanent collection of the NationalGalleries of Ancient Art in Palazzo Barberini.

Discovering spectacular butterflies, between a water rocket and a star


The Butterfly House in Rome will reopen from March 23rd to June 9th, in Via Appia Pignatelli 450, in the Capannelle area. It is a large greenhouse that encloses a tropical corner in the heart of the capital, where it is possible to walk amongst some of the most spectacular butterflies in the world, following their life cycle in an environment that reproduces their natural habitat.

Child-archaeologists at the discovery of the popular Testaccio neighbourhood


Thanks to a collaboration between the Special Superintendency for the Colosseum & the Central Archaeological Area of ​​Rome and Explora, the new Children's Museum of Rome is born inside the New Market of Testaccio, on the remains of an ancient horreum (a Roman warehouse). A real multi-sensory journey to discover the history of Rome.

Children's Rome: 5 pop, chic and radical events


Saturday March 9th, at 4pm in the Accademia d’Arte dei Bambini there will be a showing of The Little Prince. The show, like the novel, begins with a pilot crashing his plane and meeting a boy, which he discovers to be “the little prince” from a tiny asteroid. Thanks to the interactive nature of the show, children will be able to enter into the world of Saint-Exupéry’s novel.

Little ones discovering nature and enchanting fables


Natura in tutti i sensi (lit. Nature in every sense) inaugurated on February 22nd at Palazzo delle Esposizioni. The workshop exhibition is produced in collaboration with Topipittori and is open from Tuesday to Sunday, until July 14th 2019. Exotic plants, trees, gardens, groves and fruits are all observed from a plurality of points of view: a multisensory approach ranging from science and history to art.

Extraordinary experiences for children


If organised properly, visiting a museum or an exhibition with a child can become a whole new experience. This is how the Mage Association thinks when preparing and presenting art experiences for children.

What to do with your kids during the week


Every Saturday until May 25th, at Rec23 Restaurant Emporio Club, you will find Children’s Brunch, a series of workshops organised by Scienza Divertente that allows kids to play and learn about science and art.