Eugenia Romanelli


Zodiac sign Pisces, favorite wine Ronco delle Mele. Lives in Rome. Irreverent, eccentric, informal and inspired by the maître à penser Anais Nin. A Nichiren Buddhist, she finds joy in constantly training herself in the art of living, and her personal gym are her family and the many, complex relationships that brighten her days. After her term as director of the Italian edition of Time Out, she founded and served as director for the magazine, jointly published by Rai Eri and La Stampa. She also founded and served as director for “SmarTime”, the first culture insert of Il Fatto Quotidiano, created the Ansa Travel channel, currently director of the first European school of scriptures, Writers Factory, founded in January 2019. Writer for Vanity Fair, blogs for l’Espresso and Il Fatto Quotidiano and is an author for Treccani. She has held several professor tenures. In Rome she taught journalism, creative writing and new media at La Sapienza, the Accademia d’Arte Drammatica Silvio d’Amico and Luiss Guido Carli, and founded the Masters degree at the Ansel Adams Experimental Photography Center. In Florence she taught business writing at the Florence Business School and at the University of Florence served as director of the “Advanced Communication” lab (Nemech project). She organises update courses for the Order of Journalists on the subject of privacy. During her term as Director of the marketing agency ACT! she was awarded the title of “Best Creative Enterprise” by the Regione Lazio, and won the DONNAèWEB from the Web Italia Prize sponsored by the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology for creating the best website of the year, the first Italian Cultural Brand and the first digital contemporary art gallery in Italy. She has published essays and novels with Giunti, Rizzoli, DeA, Rai Eri, etc. Her passion for travel brought her to join the TGH team. She shares the idea that traveling is the most profound form of knowledge of life and the most direct route to authentic emotional connections. She created TGH Pink Shot, her secret goal is to raise the emotional temperature of the entire project.

Author's articles

April 19th: Greta Thunberg in one of the most beautiful squares in Rome


The opportunity is rare and twofold: take part in a #FridaysForFuture in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with the founder of the movement itself.

“Organi da asporto”, Sabino de Nichilo’s first solo exhibition in Rome

Contemporary art

In his first solo show in Rome, tellingly entitled “Organi da asporto” (literally, “Takeaway Organs”), the artist Sabino de Nichilo reveals a series of pink, fluorescent, and decidedly super-pop sculptures, on show from April 11th at L29 Art Studio.

Photography: 100 women on display to tell Rome


Rome is a woman. Rome and women. “Rome. The story of 100 women” is an extraordinary exhibition created by Treccani which, from April 4th to May 12th, will be on display at the Capitoline Museums. The exhibition is promoted by Roma Capitale and the Department of Cultural Growth - Capitoline Superintendence for Cultural Heritage, curated by CultRise and designed by Studio Fuksas.

Kick-off, the new (sexy) show that unites actors with and without disabilities


On April 6th, at the Centrale Preneste, a show is staged that - I promise - will leave you speechless. It's called Kick-off, and it's the latest work by Teatro Buffo, the integrated theater-dance company that unites actors and dancers with and without disabilities, led by the Anticorpi cultural association, which has been working steadily in Rome since 2007.

Street Food in Rome: third edition and 30 chefs in the streets


Street food has now become, in many parts of the planet, a true cult for connoisseurs and enthusiasts. This is why all eyes are focused on the third edition of the 2019 Street Food International Festival, in Rome from March 15th to 17th (Piazzale della Radio) and from March 22nd to 24th (Piazza San Giovanni Bosco).

At the Lanificio comes the oriental pop up corner of chef Matsumoto


We're talking about one of the most original restaurants in Rome. Suffice it to say that as soon as you enter, your eyes will land on an extraordinary ancient bathtub, with an old-fashioned mirror, an antique dentist's chair, early twentieth-century bicycles hanging from the ceiling and old 50s pop bar signs.

Where to find the best Ramen in the capital


It’s called Galbi, hidden in a small street behind Piazza Fiume, in the heart of northern Rome’s elegant neighbourhoods. The restaurant opened a few years ago and mixes tradition with innovation, design, culture and attention to the harmony of flavors.

Female in march: art and dj set at the Macro Asilo + 3 new Bansky in the open air


The eleventh edition of this non-stop marathon of female photographers and DJs starts at 8pm on Saturday, March 9th, at the MACRO ASILO in Rome. The event is organized by Female Cut, an association that promotes talented women in Italy in the name of art and creativity.

Not one less


A women's strike has been organised for Thursday, March 8th, on every continent, under the claim of “Non Una di Meno!” (lit. Not one less). Seventy countries will grind to halt thanks to the crossed arms of their female laborers, protesting to put an end to gender violence and gender discrimination.

Tuesdays at Coffee Pot


“Garden. The party” is the new nightlife experience in the Capital, a trend that over the past few months has seduced Rome with a smart, radical and chic concept. The call is aimed at young adults, working moms and working dads: finger food and dancing as of 8pm, and straight to bed by midnight.