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Cultures mingling in a Roman lunch: the Bowerman recipe


When I combine a culinary tradition with another, each time with the same passion, I think of it as a dish possessing the extraordinary ability to peacefully welcome a multitude of cultures, traditions, and stories, creating a brand new shared heritage.

A meeting of flavors at “Glass” in Rome


Amazing culinary inventions, juxtaposition of flavors, mastery of techniques and creative imagination. I like to use the fifth quarter of each ingredient and get the most out of it, without wasting anything. I like making dishes exactly as I see them when I imagine them.

From Glass Hosteria the gnocchetti with black garlic, bagnacauda and limoneto


For this journey into flavors, it is necessary to look towards Glass Hostaria, in the Trastevere District. Star chef Cristina Bowerman says: "I like to think of a dish as a collection of places, countries, experiences, traditions and stories".

With the Sermoneta's sour cherries, an unforgettable recipe


The Sermoneta deli is located in Latina, which is where I had the opportunity to converse amiably with Fabio Stivali, a jam and marmalade philosopher. In particular, we spoke about sour cherries, an acid fruit belonging to the family of rosaceae, and how to faithfully reproduce the flavor they must have had some 50-70 years ago.

Orzotto and the Azienda Pastificio dei Campi


The pasta factory Pastificio dei Campi is based in Gragnano, and its mission is to bring value back into the artisanal production of pasta. It stands in direct resistance to industrial production, allowing its products all the time necessary to bring to light a product of the highest quality, from sourcing ingredients to production.

Comfort wine & comfort food


Born in 2015 out of the encounter of Cecilia Eleonora Rinaldi, Vincent Caruso and Antonella Carbone, Il Vigneto is a food & wine enotecawhere the relationship between raw materials, passion and good taste is so harmoniously evident and well executed that we feel the desire to stay for a long time and want to come back even before leaving.