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Au-delà at The Gallery Apart in Ostiense

Au-delà is the title of the solo show by Marco Strappato at The Gallery Apart, a contemporary art gallery in Ostiense. Photography, sculpture, installations: everything here is something else, it is Beyond. It’s “Over Yonder”, to cite the title of another of his shows from some years ago in the same gallery.

Strappato is a young artist, born in 1982, who is developing a retrospective language with respect to the history of modern art, clearly drawing inspiration from artists such as Bonalumi or Castellani. The search for an image is absolute in its journey. And, if in the first part of the solo show the concept of “idea-image” is fundamental, in the second part the latter is transformed to include the landscape as a place for reflection, with a very refined technical approach. In particular, this is evident in the works that reproduce Ghirri’s imagery, enlarged with a high-definition machine that allows wood to be engraved, which makes them monochromatic, “printed” on large tables.

In his periods of research abroad, Strappato has collected various stimuli. Au-delà seems to be animated by this thread, almost a declaration, a point of arrival. It is no coincidence that he chose Ghirri and the images of the sea. In addition to the great photographer, the exhibition also features a city that is very dear to the artist who comes from the Marche, that is Ancona.

The solo show “reaffirms” the ideas from which the young photographer departed: something spiritual. For the first time, Strappato shows us his self-portrait, which seems to refer to metaphysics, to De Chirico. However, nothing is descriptive or didactic. Everything is, instead, narrated mainly through known landscapes, common scenarios, but that refer to other places. Dimensions that manifest themselves as they are, only to capture our attention and transport us into other spaces. The artist continually references himself, through various techniques, in order to describe the evolution of his research. A unified line of thought is perceived among the halls of the gallery.

Some have called it a monochromatic exhibition, but it would be more appropriate to speak of an exhibition composed almost of a single large work divided in several parts. Moreover, for the first time the artist “hides” the technology that he puts on stage. And this seems to be the great step of Strappato in Au-delà.

If you want to deepen the work of a young artist in a contemporary neighborhood like Ostiense, pass by The Gallery Apart. Beyond the exhibition itself, you will surely be captivated by the beauty of the former General Markets of Ostiense.

Au-delà, The Gallery Apart.

Artist on show: Marco Strappato.


Ines Musumeci Greco

Collezionista d’arte contemporanea, mecenate, ma soprattutto visionaria. Una donna che, in vent’anni, ha saputo trasformare la sua casa nel più importante salotto d’artista italiano. Con la passione e la determinazione che solo chi ha una missione nella vita riesce a perseguire, Ines definisce il suo progetto e il suo coinvolgimento come una lunga, continua gestazione: “Ho cercato la bellezza sempre e con forza, e ho dedicato la mia vita nel sostenere il lavoro degli artisti, perché è quando le loro opere vengono al mondo e nel mondo navigano che prende corpo quella vitalità che rende potente la vita”. Nella sua home gallery, dentro il seicentesco Palazzo Bennicelli del Borromini, si possono ammirare le opere di artisti del calibro di Marina Abramovic, Mario Schifano, Alighiero Boetti, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Chen Zhen, e altri.


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