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At Pianoalto on the Roman Tiber for evenings with friends

High quality food, music and dance are always a winning combination. And in Rome all this is possible, especially with the arrival of the first warm days and the immediate reopening of the many terraces in the city. Four girls, four friends, Chiara Magliocchetti, Paola Colucci and the daughters Flaminia and Alice – the four blondes of comfort food – have decided to leave for a new adventure. Their restaurant Pianostrada, in via delle Zoccolette, has for years been one of the most loved and most popular in the city and a little less than a year ago they decided to make an encore with Pianoalto, moving to the rooftops that face Lungotevere Portuense in the Testaccio district.

The new venue is a space on two floors with a splendid terrace overlooking the Tiber and the Gazometro where you can enjoy cocktails, their delicious focacce and the new dishes from the menu surrounded by flowers and plants. Downstairs there are two must-haves of “Pianostrada”, social tables and a large counter with a view of the kitchen. On the L-shaped terrace, there is a cocktail bar that will host the aperitifs of the Roman summer, under elegant umbrellas and surrounded by a huge amount of plants and flowers.

The decor is welcoming, with wood as the protagonist, but with retro and art deco notes. Eating one of the many sought-after dishes is a must, from spaghettoni Verrigni with grilled mussels, pumpkin flowers and candied lemon to lamb loin with apple chutney, coffee and Saba reduction, to the extraordinary spaghettoni with cherry tomatoes, Mustia ricotta, lemon and destructured pumpkin flower. Music is ever-present, from ambient to classical, from pop to electric and dance later on, so that you can go wild until late to the beats of some of the most requested DJs in the Roman and international scene, almost always very different from each other by genre and style.

The beauty of this place, elegant in its own way but absolutely informal, is that you can attend it from the aperitif to the morning. A place that will make you feel right away as if you were hosting friends at home while away from home. The dances are absolutely captivating, the view is breathtaking and far from the usual Roman clichés, perfect for those who do not know the Capital and want to discover other beauties.

Pianoalto Rome, Lungotevere Portuense 200, Rome. Tel.06 5528 6951



Giuseppe Fantasia

Laureato in Giurisprudenza, è giornalista dal 2007, prima in tv (Sky) e adesso sul cartaceo (Il Foglio) e l'online (HuffPost Italia e Marie Claire). Si occupa di libri, arte e spettacolo. Vive a Roma ed è facile incontrarlo nelle cene e feste più glam, ma se siete dei veri nottambuli, ogni venerdì notte lo trovate su Rai Uno, ospite fisso della trasmissione "MilleeunLibro- Scrittori in tv": "Portatemi ad una bella festa e ve ne sarò grato, ma anche ad un festival del cinema o letterario, ad una mostra, fatemi incontrare un personaggio interessante e mai banale. Poi non preoccupatevi, sarò io a raccontarvi il tutto a mio modo, sperando di incuriosirvi ed entusiasmarvi come mi succede ogni volta. Basta solo mettervi comodi ed iniziare a leggere".


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