Giuseppe Fantasia
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At Palmerie in Parioli for exclusive evenings

A colonial touch that blends with the ancient East, the west indies and the typical Moroccan riads. We are in Parioli, in Rome, in the neighbourhood of high bourgeoisie that continues to be there in spite of everything and where, about a year ago, Palmerie opened. It quickly became one of the coolest places in the area, perfect at any time, especially at dinner and after dinner. In its more than four hundred square meters on two levels this place, located right in the heart of a seemingly quiet neighborhood, will amaze you with terrace views, a covered tropical garden and a room for private events.

Every detail is studied in depth, from hand-woven rattan chairs to Berber cushions of Moroccan origin and life-size stone statues that are made in Bali. Everything is well positioned according to a rare taste: a perfect chromatic association of design objectstypical of European and Italian style. 

Palmerie should also be explored fora brunch, but above all for an aperitif, for dinner and after dinner. Both at the restaurant and at the cocktail bar, you will find a wide choice of international and healthy food dishes, a cuisine that is the juxtaposition between East and West curated by Maurizio ZezzaMarco Fontana and Chiharu Igarashi. In all these cases, in a different way, it is the music, in addition to the quality of the food and drinks offered, that plays the leading role, with very engaging international dj-sets.

At some point in the evening, dancing becomes almost a (pleasant) obligation with rhythms offered according to an ascending climax. More subdued tones, like the many lighted candles that you will find around you, the music will get louder and louder, without ever becoming tacky.

Loved by the stars of cinema and fashion passing through the capital (one of the partners is the Italian actor Alessandro Borghi), it is the place to be of Roma Nord, the most requested, especially in spring. Our advice is to book well in advance and you won’t regret it.

Palmerie, Viale Parioli 7, Rome. For further information click here


Giuseppe Fantasia

Laureato in Giurisprudenza, è giornalista dal 2007, prima in tv (Sky) e adesso sul cartaceo (Il Foglio) e l'online (HuffPost Italia e Marie Claire). Si occupa di libri, arte e spettacolo. Vive a Roma ed è facile incontrarlo nelle cene e feste più glam, ma se siete dei veri nottambuli, ogni venerdì notte lo trovate su Rai Uno, ospite fisso della trasmissione "MilleeunLibro- Scrittori in tv": "Portatemi ad una bella festa e ve ne sarò grato, ma anche ad un festival del cinema o letterario, ad una mostra, fatemi incontrare un personaggio interessante e mai banale. Poi non preoccupatevi, sarò io a raccontarvi il tutto a mio modo, sperando di incuriosirvi ed entusiasmarvi come mi succede ogni volta. Basta solo mettervi comodi ed iniziare a leggere".


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