Giuseppe Fantasia
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At Emerald’s in Rome for a trip around the world

“Once upon a time there was a fearless adventurer, a fascinating globetrotter with dark eyes and a musical voice. He traveled relentlessly to reach places and peoples of all kinds, pushing himself to the remotest parts of the globe: from the East Indies to Japan, from the heart of the Amazon forest to the Pacific islands. On his estate in Venezuela, the fairy-tale traveler loved to bring back every kind of merchandise: precious fabrics, foods, spices and carpets but also rare animals. Like Emerald. A magnificent peacock with thick plumage.”

Someone like Aldo Nascimbeni, an entrepreneur who is always looking for new concepts for his premises, couldn’t help but be inspired by this story when he decided to open Emerald’s, the first independent bar in the heart of Rome. A real equatorial lounge to travel between Signature Cocktails and Kitchen Bites with contaminations that come from all over the world. Colors, oil paintings, crystal chandeliers and sumptuous elements of furniture in brass, silk and velvets embellish the restaurant along with the most sophisticated and well researched travel, cooking and fashion books.

Emerald’s is a lounge bar but also a culinary workshop where a small selection of gourmet recipes are prepared by Yasmine De Palma with the advice of Isabelle Grabau, including Kitchen Bites such as crispy chickpeas with curry or toasted Japanese Edamame with coarse salt and black sesame.

Old-school and elegant but informal and welcoming at the same time, it is a perfect venue for an aperitif, for dinner or after dinner drinks, to enjoy the expertly crafted cocktails at the bar, a real journey across continents. From Peru’s Pisco Sour to Brazil’sTarsila do Amaral made with Cachaça, banana puree, bitter angostura and lime, not to mention Cuba and Mexico. The beauty of Emerald’s is the welcome sense of home that you feel as soon as you set foot in the place. You can dance until late and the music is a constant climax, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Beautiful people, a glam hang out spot for many American stars in transit in the Capital, hit boys and girls. There are only two rooms, but this can only be a good thing since it will encourage you to socialize even more easily, chat and drink until late at night.

Emerald’s, via Crescenzio 91, Rome – tel. 0688654275.


Giuseppe Fantasia

Laureato in Giurisprudenza, è giornalista dal 2007, prima in tv (Sky) e adesso sul cartaceo (Il Foglio) e l'online (HuffPost Italia e Marie Claire). Si occupa di libri, arte e spettacolo. Vive a Roma ed è facile incontrarlo nelle cene e feste più glam, ma se siete dei veri nottambuli, ogni venerdì notte lo trovate su Rai Uno, ospite fisso della trasmissione "MilleeunLibro- Scrittori in tv": "Portatemi ad una bella festa e ve ne sarò grato, ma anche ad un festival del cinema o letterario, ad una mostra, fatemi incontrare un personaggio interessante e mai banale. Poi non preoccupatevi, sarò io a raccontarvi il tutto a mio modo, sperando di incuriosirvi ed entusiasmarvi come mi succede ogni volta. Basta solo mettervi comodi ed iniziare a leggere".


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