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Astonishing initiatives for wonderful Easter holidays in Rome

Are you spending your Easter holidays in Rome and trying to figure out where to take your children for fun but instructive, carefree but educational, curious and unconventional experiences? We have decided to help you with some suggestions. Rome is big and wonderful, with thousands of opportunities to live the city to its fullest at any age. And sometimes, a little advice can be really useful. Thus, between legends, traditions and culture, here are some hints on how to make your children spend extraordinary Roman holidays.

Ancient myth has it that Romulus founded the Eternal City on April 21st. It is the “Christmas of Rome”, which this year falls on the same dates as Easter. And it will be the same day that the Municipal Rose Garden will reopen its gates, one of the most prestigious botanical rose collections in the world. Specimens from the Far East, South Africa, Old Europe and even New Zealand via the Americas. Primordial species that date back to 40 million years ago, very precious and rare. A magical and romantic atmosphere for a wonderful walk surrounded by the beauty of nature.

For information and reservations,contact the Municipal Rose Garden by phone (06.5746810) or by e-mail at

A place to be discovered, where you can breathe art, culture and history. “Once upon a time … Auditorium Parco della Musica” is the way to introducethis Roman jewel even to children. Every Sunday, at 11.30am, exploration-visitsare organized to discover an enchanted world, revealing its architecture and telling of its history and people. Amazing walks in the park’s gardens a wait you on a journey to discover a magical corner: the roof garden of the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

Suitable for children ages 5 and over accompanied by an adult, duration 50 minutes, for a maximum of 30 participants. Compulsory booking at (before 6pm the previous Friday) Info 06 80241281.

After such leisurely walks to discover fantastic places, surrounded by nature, history and art, now is the moment of pure fun. Playing is the password for the little ones! So let’s start the Egg Hunt at LunEur, the historic fun fair in the capital entirely dedicated to children. The Easter bunny, spitefully mischievous, likes to hide thousands of colored eggs among the flowers and bushes of the Garden of Wonders, with the help of the park’sowls, iconic mascots of the place. In addition to searching for hidden surprises, you can also participate in Easter-themed creative workshops. Children ages 3 and over, with the help of talented magicians, will be able to indulge in the creation of characteristic placeholders, Easter masks, bunnies and chicks to take home as a souvenir of afun and carefree experience.

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Francesca Mazzotta

Con una Laurea in Scienze Politiche, un Master in Business Administration e una carriera in ambito Finance e Insurance, Francesca Mazzotta ha una doppia vita. Fanatica di giochi da tavolo (il marito è autore di boardgame e cardgame, che testano assieme ai molti amici gamer), giochi di ruolo, videogiochi, libri per bambini, fumetti, film e cartoni animati, serie TV e più in generale tutto quello che riguarda la cosiddetta cultura POP, dopo il lavoro e le due figlie, le notti sono dedicate ai suoi mondi fantastici, persa in avventure terribili e meravigliose in luoghi lontani nel tempo e nello spazio. Dopo aver gestito per anni l'organizzazione della ludoteca GiocaRoma, ha scritto per e E’ fermamente convinta che il segreto di una vita felice stia nella capacità di conciliare il proprio percorso di crescita personale con la cura e la costante attenzione all'ascolto del proprio bambino interiore.


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