Ines Musumeci Greco
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Among square halos at the Ex-Electrophonic gallery of Trastevere

The young artist Sergio Breviariohas recently inaugurated a solo show at Ex-Elettrofonica, one of the most peculiar galleries in the city. Entering this gallery is like entering a fictional space of creation: white-washed walls, with a large tree in the middle, both “present”and at the same time “ghostly”. But I won’t tell you more here …

The exhibition is curated by Gianluca Brogna, with whom I had the pleasure of visiting it. Yes, because the work of Breviario, sophisticated and full of references, must be narrated. If on the one hand it is fascinating to observe works that arouse curiosity simply for their unusual appearance, on the other hand having the possibility of being able to talk about them with someone who has followed the creative process opens your eyes to new worlds and otherwise unattainable reflections. We find ourselves before symbolism and play. In the title Watteau is quoted, because the exhibition was inspired by one of his works: a portrait created around 1718 for his friend and actor Belloni which depicts Pierrot with a sort of halo. From here, that double entendre between the symbolic and the comedic. There is also something else: the nimbus. Usually when we talk about saints, we also talk about haloes and we use the word “nimbus”, which – as the curator tells me – is an element used in sacred representations of different religions: “an aura of light” that connotes sanctity. In particular, in the early Christian and Byzantine frescoes and mosaics, square nimbus was depicted.

Breviario’s haloes, also square, are equally bizarre: on a light blue base, modeled as if it were marble, a kind of ever-blue structure to put on the head and to be tied under the chin, more or less, with an embroidered cord which is (intentionally) slightly imperfect because it is not particularly long. On top, a work in a square box that refers to evanescent landscapes.

The artist wants us to see in the symbols of the past in a contemporary key: art as a tool to reopen ancient tales, ancient ways of seeing and understanding “man”. Nimbus or Square Halo and Watteau’s Drawing also presents the artist’s first video, a story of the process that leads both to the reflection opened by the exhibition and to the creation of the sculptures.

A profound and at the same time entertaining show a stone’s throw from vibrant Trastevere, which is even more beautiful in Spring!!

Nimbus or Square Halo and Watteau’s Drawing, at Ex-Elettrofonica (gallery), vicolo Sant’Onofrio 10, Rome. Artist on show: Sergio Breviario.


Ines Musumeci Greco

Collezionista d’arte contemporanea, mecenate, ma soprattutto visionaria. Una donna che, in vent’anni, ha saputo trasformare la sua casa nel più importante salotto d’artista italiano. Con la passione e la determinazione che solo chi ha una missione nella vita riesce a perseguire, Ines definisce il suo progetto e il suo coinvolgimento come una lunga, continua gestazione: “Ho cercato la bellezza sempre e con forza, e ho dedicato la mia vita nel sostenere il lavoro degli artisti, perché è quando le loro opere vengono al mondo e nel mondo navigano che prende corpo quella vitalità che rende potente la vita”. Nella sua home gallery, dentro il seicentesco Palazzo Bennicelli del Borromini, si possono ammirare le opere di artisti del calibro di Marina Abramovic, Mario Schifano, Alighiero Boetti, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Chen Zhen, e altri.


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