Valentina Cuppone
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Alice dances in the Momix’s lair

“Subverting our perception of the world, opening up to the impossible”. For Moses Pendleton and his Momix nothing is as it seems. Everything changes, turns, revolving around a changing landscape in a fantastic and imaginative world. The Self sheds the boundaries of its own body, becomes the Other, imagining a life outside it self, transforming into both subject and object of continuous and surreal metamorphoses.

This is what the new show of the American contemporary dance company Momix seems to promise. The group of illusionist and acrobatic dancers, founded and directed by Moses Pendleton, builds dreams, creates unexpected worlds populated by extraordinary characters.

Alice and her dream world will be on show from February 20th until March 3rd at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome, in Piazza Gentile da Fabriano. The show is the product of a collaboration between Momix and the Roman Philharmonic Academy for the ninth edition of the International Dance Festival 2019.

First act: In the rabbit hole. Second act: Beyond the mirror. Two hours of illusions and optical confusion, where everything that appears real is not. The wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol is the leitmotif and narrative thread of Pendleton’s visions. What is more tantalizing, in fact, if not exploring the hidden secrets and spin-offs of a story that has fascinated adults and children for 150 years? Thus, the child is swallowed up into Momix’s lair, a surreal place shaped by extravagant costumes, optical illusions and props, where she meets the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and the inevitable Queen of Hearts.

Fantastic and imaginative characters come alive in a mix of technological experimentation, acrobatics, popular culture and many other different suggestions to take us on a fantastic journey, imagining a world where everything seems to be possible. With the aid of a good dollop of healthy madness, naturally.

To mark the occasion, from February 21st an exhibition will be set up on the upper floors of the theater to pay tribute to a visionary artist linked to the Roman Philharmonic and the Olympic Theater from the 1960s. The absolute protagonist of this exhibition will be the soul of choreographer Lindsay Kemp with the discovery of the wonderland of his very personal Alice.

For more information, see the Olympic Theater website.


Valentina Cuppone

Classe 1982, dopo una laurea in Lettere Moderne si è specializzata in Comunicazione della cultura e dello spettacolo con una tesi sull’ibridazione dei linguaggi e sull’intermedialità nello spettacolo MDLSX di Motus, un assolo di Silvia Calderoni, ispirato al premio Pulitzer 2013 Middlesex di Jeffrey Eugenides, sulla costruzione dell’identità. Ha lavorato come supporto al segretario di redazione del “Giornale di Sicilia” scrivendo articoli per il ciclo “Eccellenze di Sicilia”, mirando a valorizzare ciò che di bello e positivo offre e si può costruire nella sua isola. Per coniugare i suoi interessi umanistici con i linguaggi e l’innovazione digitale, ha collaborazione con il quotidiano online


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