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A family holiday. Tips to enjoy the best of Rome with your family

Family holidays, a blessing and a curse for all the parents willing to relax trying to achieve a goal which seems to be difficult at times: meeting everyone’s expectations, especially those of the most demanding ones: children and kids!

Rome is one of the most charming capital cities in Europe as well as a families’ favorite destination. In young people’s eyes the Italian capital is a sort of huge adventurer’s village thanks to its history, architecture, parks and historic villas offering plenty of attractions.

Here is a list of 4 family-friendly activities which will help you planning your next stay in Rome.


The children’s Botanical Garden

Housed in the famous Trastevere district –  the district home to many typical Roman restaurants and the favorite destination of those who love to enjoy the capital’s night life – the Botanical Garden was created in 1883 in a historic 12-hectare garden which in the 17th century belonged to the residence of Queen Christina of Sweden. This enchanting, quiet and decadent site offers a variety of gardening activities for children. From June 13, each Saturday the Garden offers a series of activities aimed at becoming familiar with the world of plants. First off the “Pianta la pianta!” workshop, where kids will get to know the different seeds, learn their life cycle and take home a small plant to take care of. The “Superpoteri Bestiali” workshop gives the opportunity to watch closely a few small animals (including toads, hedgehogs and cockroaches) and to discover their amazing characteristics. Last but not least, children will have the chance to build funny puppets, the “sarchiaricci” with a green “secret” in their head, a nice souvenir of the day.

Suitable for : children from 4 to 11

The Grand House Apartments in the surroundings

The Grand Loft,The Grand Trinity,The Grand Trinity 2,The Grand Rooftop Views,The Grand Art Gallery,The Grand Palace


Games and magical recounts at Villa Medici

In the heart of the city, a stone’s throw from piazza di Spagna, lies another amazing site perfect for both adults and kids: Villa Medici.

Villa Medici is included in the list of those enchanting, historic and evocative sites which remain fixed in the visitors’ memory. In particular, the “Piccoli esploratori a Villa Medici” (little explorers in Villa Medici) tour takes place every Sunday at 11am and lasts 1h30. With a notebook and a pencil in their hand, the little visitors will discover animals and imaginary creatures made from different materials (marble, bronze, painting and – surprise, surprise – some of them are real!). The activity is flanked by games, hints and moments of artistic creativity. The language used at the tour is French. In the meantime, the parents will enjoy the beauties of the Villa, an exhibition by contemporary artists or just the amazing view of the city.

Booking at the website or directly at Villa Medici.

Suitable for children from 5 to 11

The Grand House apartments in the surroundings

The Grand Campo Marzio, The Grand Brunetti, The Grand Design Suite,The Grand Emperor Suite


Educational workshops and theme meetings at Palazzo delle Esposizioni

This summer the bill of the Contemporary Art Gallery – located in via Nazionale, nearby the Trevi Fountain –  boasts a variety of reading workshops on contemporary topics, designed for children, too. The events named “Non è mai troppo presto” (it is never too late to start reading) are in fact a good opportunity to help little children in their reading experience. These workshops encourage children to explore and experience the reading alongside their parents, grandparents etc. Anything for kids? “Visioni in movimento” is a guided and animated journey dedicated to contemporary communication: video art, music, cinema, TV and new media explained in their evolution. Kids will have fun learning how to use an electronic device or interpreting fragments of recounts, between reality and imagination.

Info and events in the bill

Suitable for children from 1 to 11

The Grand House Apartments in the surroundings

The Grand Monti,The Grand Vittoriano Suite,The Grand Vittoriano Suite 2,The Grand Anphitheatre,The Grand Secret Square, The Grand Academy,The Grand Penthouse


Explora, the children’s museum

Explora, a 2000-square-meter building completely dedicated to children, lies 100 meters from Piazza del Popolo. In June – from Tuesday to Sunday – children will have the opportunity to enjoy the playground located at the ground floor. Included in the attractions are a supermarket, a fire truck, a vegetable garden, a fountain and many “green” activities to introduce children to the frameworks of circular economy and recycling.

The first floor of the building hosts “Economiamo”, a project focused on economics featuring ten interactive stations, where children will have fun learning how to earn or save money, to donate or to invest.


Suitable for children from 5 to 9

The Grand House apartments in the surroundings:

The Grand Parioli






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